A very sad message: The death of our talented colleague – Patrycja Gruszynska

by: Kasia Michalak

Patrycja Gruszynska
Patrycja Gruszynska

On Friday, September the 2nd, we attended the funeral of our late friend, Patrycja Gruszyńska – Ruman – a prominent radio reportage author.

Patrycja had collaborated with Studio of Feature and Documentary of Polskie Radio since 2000.
Her area of interest was social and historical issues.

She won numerous prizes and awards in Poland and abroad, including the most prestigious one – Prix Italia – in 2009 for her documentary Guilty or not Guilty.
It was a story about Stanisława Rachwał sentenced to death just after the Second World War for her anti-communist activity.
She was kept in one prison cell with her former torturers from Auschwitz.

What is a human being capable of? How much can a human being endure, or forgive?
These are only some questions asked by Patrycja Gruszyńska-Ruman in her feature.

She was not only an inquisitive and talented journalist, but most of all a wise, sensitive, and friendly person.

She died after long and painful illness at the age of 40, leaving her husband and four daughters.
We will truly miss her …

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