IFC 2016 – “30th anniversary of the Åke Blomström Award” +AUDIO

“30th anniversary of the Åke Blomström Award”
Celebration at Studio 3

Exactly thirty years ago, the Åke Blomström Award – back then called Åke Blomström Memorial Prize – was given to young, promising feature makers for the first time.
Many of the winners became renowned feature masters afterwards.
Peter Leonhard Braun, Åke’s close friend and colleague, will take you to an exciting journey through the decades.

By: Peter Leonhard Braun
Intro by: Gabriela Hermer – Chair ‘Åke Blomström Award’


AKE BLOMSTROM AWARD TRAINING 2015-2016 – The programmes of the winners, now available, ready for listening! #ifcvienna


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