AKE BLOMSTROM AWARD TRAINING 2015-2016 – The programmes of the winners, now available, ready for listening! #ifcvienna +AUDIO

Last year at the IFC 2015 in Lublin we had the pleasure to announce you the 3 winners of the annual Ake Blomström Award :

  • Stine de Klauman from Denmark,
  • Kateryna Zaitseva from Ukraina
  • Hana Walker-Brown from the United Kingdom.

Both in Lublin ( just before IFC) and later in Berlin (just before the Prix Europa) , they got training/coaching sessions given by

Agnieszka Czyzewska- Jacquemet ( Polski Radio Lublin), Laurence Grissell (BBC) and Walter Filz ( SWR Germany).

The training programme, coordinated by Edwin Brys, Belgium, and the ABA chaired by Gabriela Hermer, concerned : the choice of topics, stories and characters, the importance of scenes, dramaturgy and storytelling, sound pictures, the use of music, analysis and deconstruction of some features, ego-documents, and the collective exploration of the radio documentary projects of each participant.

In Berlin, we listen to excerpts of the work in progress and trainees got a meeting with their coaches.

One of the 3 Ake Blomström programmes will be presented at the IFC in Vienna.
There is no time to present them all.
But all are available here, both audio and script.


Stine Voigt de Klauman, Denmark, (DR)
Stine Voigt de Klauman, Denmark, (DR)

AUDIO – Face to Face with the Enemy – 22:17

Schermafbeelding 2016-04-30 om 13.44.01
Script [Click Up]

Erick has grown up with bodyguards and a fear of loosing his dad.
Through many years his dad has worked as a military general in the air force being an important part of the civil war of Colombia, which has lasted for 52 years.
Regis is a former FARC soldier.
Both affected by the war on each side of the conflict they are now trying to meet.

Different governments have tried to obtain peace with the Rebel FARC group and now it seems closer than ever to succeed.
But time is running and it’s difficult to agree on things why the government has turned its attention to the other guerrilla organisation ELN.



Kateryna Zaitseva, Ukraine, (National Radio Company of Ukraine)
Kateryna Zaitseva, Ukraine, (National Radio Company of Ukraine)

AUDIO – Thank God It’s Friday – 26:32

Schermafbeelding 2016-04-30 om 13.43.38
Script [Click Up]

Their home is their family.
They say that war has not a female face.
Military conflicts haunt the Armenian Petrossian-Valuysky family throughout their life.
Despite this women gave birth, dreamed, wrote poetry, enjoyed the sound of the piano and never gave up.
Ukraine has become for them a land where finally the dreams of 11 year old Alina Valuyska to be a pop singer began to come true.
But the war had other plans…


Hana Walker-Brown, Great Britain, (BBC)
Hana Walker-Brown, Great Britain, (BBC)

AUDIO – Swansong – 27:28

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-01 om 10.52.37
Script [Click Up]

Her heart it played
like well worn strings;
in her eyes
the sadness sings;
of one who was destined
for better things,

Hana Walker-Brown’s grandma was kept alive for seven hours in order for her family to
rush to the hospital to say their goodbyes.
One moment, alive like few 80 somethings’ the next, parked in the one-way ward, a holding bay between this life and the next.
Swansong is a meditation on memory and loss, acceptance and death, with real life
stories, imagined ones and the sounds and silences that weave our worlds together.
As Hana sat with her family waiting for the final moment, grief already upon them, her grandma lay in her own time and place – memories flooding in and around the reality of her situation, like a rolodex, flicking through years, moments, experiences in which she’d found happiness, sadness, weakness and strength.
Content with death, after a life well-lived.
Comprising interviews with those who witnessed these final moments and audio captured by Hana with her grandma over the years, this feature blurs the lines between fact and fiction to take the listener through the precious final moments- her grandmother’s last party.


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