PRIX EUROPA 2016, 30 Years – Send your best …

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-02 om 13.35.13

PRIX EUROPA From 15 to 21 October in Berlin

“The motto for our jubilee year is Changing Europe!
We have decided to use our 30th anniversary to look ahead, instead of summoning the glorious past.
To look ahead at the multifaceted challenges for quality public media and the responsibility of journalism on this conflict ridden continent.”

“With this in mind we have:

  • Updated our Regulations
  • Opened a new category for digital audio content
  • Initiated an Online PRIX EUROPA Community Award
  • And PRIX EUROPA will go on tour with a series of Masterclasses to broadcasting houses in Stockholm, Gdansk, Dublin and Amsterdam

But first it is your turn to submit your productions for the competition.
Our online system is now open.
Please don’t forget to read the Regulations first!”



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