IFC 2016 – 20 Features selected

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The EBU Features Group met in Vienna (Feb 22/23) to select programmes for the 2016 International Features Conference.
This year, we listened to 41 entries from countries around the world.
We were impressed by the overall standard and believe that we have chosen submissions that will contribute to a great conference.

IFC 2016 – 20 features selected

◦    Dada à gogo. Announcement of a Rebirth – Maidon Bader SWR2
◦    Queen of the Night – Mikkel Rønnau DR Podcast
◦    Gentle rain on the motorway – Lionel Quantin Deutschlandradio Kultur
◦    The city that doesn’t touch – ABC Radio National
◦    They that sow the wind… – Agnieszka Czyżewska Jacquemet – Polish Radio Lublin
◦    Documentary on One: After the shock – Tim Desmond RTÉ Radio 1
◦    Laughing with cancer -Willem Davids NTR Radio
◦    The M Pavilion – Lenka Svobodová- Czech Radio
◦    Colectiv Tragedy – the voice of romanian people – Buzica Alexandru
◦    The Exodus of the Nations – Ljubo Pauzin HRT Croatian Radio
◦    For a bit of happiness – Elisabeth Stratka, Nadja Hahn ORF/Ö1
◦    Southern Discomfort – Paul Brody WDR
◦    The Untold – High Stakes – Laurence Grissell BBC 4
◦    From the mouth of babes and drunkards – Kristin Heien NRK
◦    Ake Blomstrom Winner (no title yet)
◦    The unknown Father – Matti Ripatti YLE Radio1
◦    Wake up baby – Peregrine Andrews Between the Ears, BBC Radio 3
◦    The Decision – Kicki Muller, Swedish Radio
◦    Lacrimosa – Conor Garrett BBC Northern Ireland for BBC Radio 4
◦    It begins with air – Neil Sandell


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