‘NEW RADIO DAY 2015’ – 29 / 30 SEPTEMBER 2015

New Radio Day on ‘Personalised Radio’ [link to page ↗]

Media Department, EURORADIO

Dear colleagues,
I hope you still enjoy this lovely (and sometimes very hot) summer!
In seven weeks’ time this year’s EBU NEW RADIO DAY will open its doors in the vibrant city of Riga, Latvia!
On 29 and 30 September more than a dozen speakers from all over Europe and beyond will talk about different aspects of “Personalised Radio”, one of the most burning topics in the current radio broadcast business.
The experts will give their views and showcase latest developments in the field of content and technology. We will discuss about legal implications and the challenges of big data. A selection of best-practice examples of broadcasters who did successfully find new niches is on the agenda as well. Please see the draft agenda attached.
I’d like to encourage you to come to Riga – or to send at least someone of your staff – to learn, to discuss, to network. Believe me, it is a rare occasion!

This strategic conference hosted by Latvian Radio in Riga will enable EBU Members to discuss the latest developments, share best practices and learn about new trends, platforms and technologies.

Participation is free of charge, but restricted to EBU Members only. Please click here for registration:
Hotel recommendations are attached as well. And if you’d like to follow the New Radio Group on the EBU Community, click here:

Kind regards + and see you in Riga!
Christian Vogg.

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