Prix Italia 2015 aired by ‘Rai Radio6 Teca’


As part of the build-up to Prix Italia 2015, Rai Radio6 Teca, the new Web/Dab+ Rai radio channel, is broadcasting in September, during the days leading up to the opening of the 67th Festival (Torino, 19th -24th September), a selection of Radio Rai programmes, which have over the years competed and been crowned winners at Prix Italia. Scheduled to be aired:
Schermafbeelding 2015-08-06 om 07.42.10Iphigenia
(1950), Seclusion (1958), A Neurasthenic’’s Night (1959), The Bersagliere’’s Sweetheart (1960), The God of Gold (1964), 60 Decibels for Mr. Adam (1964), Ages (1972), Imaginary Diary (1975), Loves Labours (1985), Dhulan, the Indian Wife (2001).

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