The deadline for submissions IFC15 Lublin is Sunday, 15 February 2015




Each year we search for the best and most inspiring documentaries from across the globe.
We listen to them, discuss and argue about new and traditional ways of radio storytelling.

If you would like your feature to be considered for inclusion in the conference programme, please send us your proposals as soon as possible to enable us to follow up on these suggestions and contact new people.

The deadline for submissions is Sunday, 15 February 2015, but please send us your contribution as soon as possible to help us shape the extraordinary 41st IFC together. CLOSED

Your contribution should consist of:

•    a ten-minute audio excerpt of the programme that you would like to submit
•    an exact English-language translation of the excerpt
•    a synopsis of the production and the reason why you think it is relevant to the IFC.

The excerpt should be sent as follows:

  1. Upload your entry (audio) to the SoundCloud website:

    + Copy/Paste a link to your English translation ( e.g. pdf) into the field: ‘Description’.
  2. Submit your (SoundCloud-)URL and personal info via:
    ‘IFC15 Audio Excerpt’-form:

    [If you have a problem, please contact Willem Davids –]
  3. Please also send your English translation, the synopsis, your reason for submission and all other information to:
    – all of these documents should be sent only as PDF files, ensuring that your documents are in a  print-friendly format.

The EURORADIO Features Group will meet on 2 March 2015 in Vienna to select the productions and ideas for the IFC and to refine its concept. 
All entrants will be notified by e-mail of the outcome of the pre-selection process immediately after this meeting.

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