Gabriela Hermer -  Chairperson, 'Åke Blomström Award'
Gabriela Hermer –
(Chairperson, ‘Åke Blomström Award’)

Dear Colleagues,

The Åke Blomström Award is offering young and promising feature makers the chance to attend a special documentary training course and the 2015 International Feature Conference.

The winners will attend a two-day coaching session in documentary in Lublin on 15th and 16th of May 2015, immediately before the International Feature Conference (IFC) which will be held in the same location.

Each of the winners will be assigned a coach who will mentor them in documentary making throughout the year.
The coaches are award winning radio producers from all over Europe.

The  IFC will be held  17th to  21rd of May 2015.
The prize money will cover travel, accommodation and living expenses during the two-day training course and the conference.

At the IFC, the Åke Blomström Award winners will meet experienced feature makers from all over the world, listen to and discuss a broad range of inspiring radio documentary programs and attend workshops and seminars on radio documentary making.

After the IFC, the winners will  work online with their coaches towards the recording and mixing of a documentary of approximately 30 minutes.

One day before the Prix Europa, on the 17th of October 2015, the winners will attend a one-day training in Berlin as well as the Prix Europa radio documentary competition, from 18th to  24th of October 2015.
The prize money will cover the travel to Berlin and the costs of their accomodation will also be covered.

After the Prix Europa, the winners will continue to work under the online supervision and mentoring of their coaches.
The radio documentary should be accomplished by 1st of February 2016.
Program editors of the winner’s radio station are kindly asked not to interfere in the developing process.

Who is eligible for an Åke Blomström Award?

•    Any young and promising feature maker aged max 30 years on the closing date for application in any given year.
•    They may be freelance producers or employees of broadcasting corporations and institutions involved in and/or attending the International Features Conference. The working language on the IFC is English.
•    The prize cannot be given to feature makers who have previously been awarded the Åke Blomström Memorial Prize.

Entry Requirements

•    All submissions should be made by individuals, i.e. group entries are not acceptable.

The following should be sent to each member of the selection committee listed below:

•    A short CV including date of birth, education and radio career to date
•    A summary of why the candidate wishes to undertake the documentary training/mentoring
•    A letter of support from the relevant broadcasting corporation or institution, including a commitment to technical support for the production of a new documentary by the award winner to be made during the Åke Blomström Award training course and a commitment to broadcast the resulting programme.
Candidates must be aware that an English translation of the resulting programme’s manuscript will be necessary.
•    A 5 min creative audio presentation where the candidates will explain with their own voice in English to the selection Jury their motivation, expectations, and experience in radio (preferably in wav or mp3 format). Excerpts from their former programs can be used.

The audio presentation should be sent to the committee members EITHER by uploading the audio file to a cloudservice like, or
The audio file must be clearly named with “ABA” (Åke Blomström Award) and with the “name” of the author and it must be sent to each committee member.
on 5 CD copies, one to each committee member, sent by post.

No author may submit more than one audio presentation.

•    A complete transcript/translation of the audio presentation in English, to be sent as hard copy or via e-mail to each member of the selection committee. Programs without transcript will be rejected.
•    A treatment for a documentary the candidate wishes to make out of the training/mentoring process (max. one page).

The closing date for the entry of submissions for the 2015 Åke Blomström Award is 16th of January 2015.
In order for a submission to be considered, each member of the selection committee should have received the materials listed above by the closing date.

The prize was established in the late 1980s in honour of Åke Blomström (31/12/31 – 31/5/85), for many years Head of Documentaries in Swedish Radio and deeply committed to the work of his young colleagues.
Today, the Åke Blomström Award is a joint venture between SR (Sweden), DR (Denmark), YLE (Finland), NRK (Norway), Dradio Berlin, NDR, RBB,SWR,WDR (Germany), ORF (Austria), BRT (Belgium), HRT (Croatia) and RTÉ (Ireland) who together sustain the prize by means of an annual donation into a bank account held under the aegis of the EBU.

Selection committee 2015

Gabriela Hermer
Kulturradio vom RBB
Künstlerisches Wort / Feature
Masurenallee 8-14
14057 Berlin

Bjarke Stender
DR Danish Radio
DK-8200 Aarhus N

Ljubo Pauzin
Hrvatski radio
Dramski program
Prisavlje 3
10000 Zagreb

Hannu Karisto
Documentary programmes
PL 89, Box 89

Leslie Rosin
PG Hörspiel und Feature
Appellhofplatz 1
50600 Köln

The selection committee will reach its decisions by 19th of February 2015.
On that date all entrants will be notified of the result. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail or telephone.

Best wishes,
Gabriela Hermer
Chairperson, Åke Blomström Award


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