‘RadioDoc Review’ (RDR) – by: Siobhan McHugh

Siobhan McHugh

“Fellow-Feature Makers and Audio Connoisseurs, please visit RadioDoc Review, a new open access online journal which offers in-depth critiques and expert analysis of excellent audio documentaries and features from around the world, chosen by our international editorial board, made up of eminent producers, scholars and broadcast industry folk.

Some reviewers and/or authors will be familiar to IFC members: Pejk Malinovski, Jens Jarisch, Sharon Davis, Alan Hall, Kari Hesthamar, Virginia Madsen, Sean Street, Michelle Rayner and more…

check us out at the link below and do join the conversation. http://ro.uow.edu.au/rdr/

Best wishes, ”

Siobhan McHugh,
Founding Editor, RadioDoc Review, Australia
(and IFC presenter 2014 – I greatly enjoyed meeting kindred spirits old and new!)


One thought on “‘RadioDoc Review’ (RDR) – by: Siobhan McHugh

  1. And to those who thought radio was a dying medium, see the article in The Conversation, A Word in Your Ear: How Audio Storytelling Got Sexy. It’s been tweeted around the world. As that and RDR show, radio ain’t dead yet!

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