‘Cultural Radio’ – by: Virginia Madsen

“The traditional cultural “rich mix” variety of public service broadcasting (PSB) dating from the 1930s and 40s, did not disappear with television or even with media convergence, and is certainly not dying as many commentators or even those within radio organisations might have expected as little as 15 years ago.

Uniquely in terms of the medium, this model of radio offers the curious listener (not defined as an elite) an entry point and a space for listening, exploration and participation within what we might still describe as the public sphere…”

Just published in ‘The Conversation‘ online.

Dr Virginia Madsen
Convenor (Radio)
Senior Lecturer Media, Music, International Communications
Dept. of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies
Faculty of Arts, Y3A, 191J
Macquarie University. NSW 2109


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