IFC 2014: the media foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig awards the SILVER NIKOLAI PILLAR #Peter Leonhard Braun

As you will remember, at the end of the 40 IFC surprisingly  Stephan Seeger  (Managing Director Media Foundation) entered the stage and addressed the participants.
He said …

Ladies and Gentleman,

On behalf of the media foundation I would like to express my gratitude to four people. They provided an essential contribution to the success of this event. Without their personal commitment, this conference would not have been possible in Leipzig:

  • Mrs. Camilla Döge

  • Mr. Ulf Köhler

  • Mr. Martin Fiedler

Your commitment Mrs. Döge, Mr. Köhler and Mr. Fiedler, was extraordinary – we owe you our thanks with a big round of applause.

The fourth member of this group contributed substantially to bringing the IFC to Leipzig. For several years he has been connected to the media foundation as a source of ideas, as motor for the further development of the feature and as a fatherly friend and advisor.

Peter Leonhard Braun,

Father Braun,

For your merits for Leipzig – and for our foundation –

the media foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig awards you with the


Likewise, on behalf of the board, I present you with the badge of “The Prize for the Freedom and Future of the Media”..

If there is anybody who deserves this honor,

it is Peter Leonhard Braun.

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