IFC 2014: Next station…

“Next station is Erfurt” I am on may way home by train, a bag full of impressions, memories and ideas. There was the famous feature maker Paul Kohl, who reminds us  of the old times of radio, cutting tapes – only the word remains in the digital age – the ballet of the technicans, during the mixing. He was an “analog person”, the Axel Eggebrecht Price winner Kohl confessed.  We are still analog persons, even in the digital age. But what will be the future? We heard a lot of it these days. There are many ways to use the internet, it is an important tool, for sure, but meanwhile it is a world for its own. Radio needs no pictures, Radio needs to be listened! Perhaps the distribution tools for features in the internet, download pages, podcasts, streams could have pictures,  but they are not necessary for the listening. Internet projects working with audios are a completly other thing. So what will be the future of the feature? I don’ t think, Willem is right, that we should spare our money for the next generation of internets. Even if he is right with his opinion, that the internet as we know it till now, comes to an end – for many reasons. But as long as we have it, we should use it as a great tool. The first hype of the internet is finished, we should not jump on a train, that left the station already. “Next station Fulda mainstation”  – The “Fulda Gap” had been a famous radio piece from Paul Kohl, a book too. What is the future of radio and feature? We do not know, but we have to work on it! Then discuss this again – at the next IFC perhaps.



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