IFC 2014: Meanwhile … a message from Romania, by Mihaela Helmis

Mihaela_HelmisIFC 40 , for me

” -hope all of you are OK in Leipzig!

-as you see , nobody from Bucharest at IFC! even we still produce and broadcast our new documentaries ( 4 each month, on our  News chanell, more than 15 on Cultural chanell !)

-our new management seems to have different priorities…

-I saw all the  new features (titles) and all the new issues /presentations/ new directions in debate  and  I hope the Conf. will be as great as usually.

-! please tell me if/how  we can listen at home the documentaries in schedule there (+ script , if possible!) and some oppinions about all those important issues in discution.

 Say Hy!  to all our common friends , from Bucharest



Mihaela Helmis
Radio Romania Actualitati
Cultura -Civilizatie


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