2014 – ‘Axel Eggebrecht Prize’ goes to Paul Kohl

Paul_Kohl (privat)

Leipzig, 11th of February 2014. The Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig awards the Axel Eggebrecht Prize 2014 to the feature author Paul Kohl. (photo)

“We congratulate Paul Kohl on this deserved award and are happy that a new renowned feature author completes the league of our laureates” says the Foundation’s Managing Director Stephan Seeger.
“Apart from that, we’d like to express our gratitude to our jury and it’s chairman Richard Goll.

I congratulate the jury members Richard Goll, Gisela Corves (WDR Western Broadcasting), Dr. Wolfram Wessels (SWR South Western Broadcasting), Linde Rotta and Jens Jarisch (RBB Ber- lin-Brandenburg Broadcasting) on this wise decision.”

From the jury’s statement: His great narrating talent and the wide range of subjects is what makes Paul Kohl’s radio work unique.
Since the mid 1980s he has been dealing with historical subjects (Steh auf, es ist Krieg./ Stand up, we’re at war. About the German invasion of the Soviet Union, 1986); biographies (Der Fall Herbert Häber./ The Herbert Häber case.
About the Politburo and psychiatry, 1999); contemporary history (Wer ermordete Alfred Herrhausen/ Who killed Alfred Herrhausen, 1997; Ground Zero New York, 2002) but he is also interested in eco- logical topics (Strom vom eigenen Dach: Sonnenenergie/ Electricity from your own roof: solar energy, 1994) and general cultural phenom- ena (Volles Rohr: Kampfbahn Autobahn/ Full throttle: racing arena Autobahn, 1992).

Paul Kohl does not give to much priority to himself or the results of his intense research, which he rather uses as the basis of his insistent questions.
He unexcitedly renders statements and arguments into a precise language, carefully opposes them to counterarguments and arranges the outcome in a brilliant dramatic composition.
The author never hides his own view on the subject.
However, this careful ar- rangement of different elements still gives enough space for the listener to form his own opinion.
Paul Kohl does not want to propagate the one and only right “truth”, he rather tries to enlighten his audience with the help of information.

This year’s “Axel-Eggebrecht-Prize” 2014 award ceremony will take place in a special setting.
The 40th International Feature Conference will take place in the “Media Campus Villa Ida”, the seat of the Leipzig Sparkasse Foundations.
The award ceremony will be held within the context of the conference on Wednesday, 14 May 2014 on the Media Campus.

Axel Eggebrecht Prize

Award for the life work of a radio feature author

The laureates
2008: Helmut Kopetzky (GER)
2010: Richard Goll (AT), Alfred Treiber (AT)
2012: Friedrich Schütze-Quest (GER)
2014: Paul Kohl (GER)

Media Foundation of
Sparkasse Leipzig

Menckestraße 27
04155 Leipzig
Tel.: 0049 341- 562 96 61
Fax: 0049 341-562 96 63



Contact person
Martin Fiedler

Dr. Harald Langenfeld (Chairman)
Stefan Raue (Vice Chairman)
Stephan Seeger

Chairman of the Foundation Council:
Burkhard Jung, Lord Mayor of Leipzig

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