IFC 2014 – FIRST CALL OUT – 40th IFC, Leipzig

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Euroradio (EBU), Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) and the Leipziger Medienstiftung have joined forces to stage the 40th International Feature Conference at the Mediencampus Villa Ida in Leipzig, Germany from May 11–15  2014.
The Conference will celebrate the brilliance of this radio giant and discuss its future in a world of rapidly changing technologies and platforms.
Because of this, we are calling this important anniversary Conference

40 Years  –  A New Beginning

The IFC has always been characterised by a willingness to face the challenges of change.
This is the secret of its survival for forty years.
Now, more than ever, we have to grapple with change and seek a new beginning.
We can only do this effectively together.
So let us act now and shape the extraordinary 40th IFC together!

We are calling for

1.     Your most interesting programmes/projects:

Please choose your best programmes and/or projects to share with your colleagues.
We are interested in work of topical/contemporary value, showing strong structural handling, with a sophisticated use of sound, a clear approach to communication, novel strategies of funding etc

 2.    Your new babies:

We are looking especially for cross-media initiatives and for audio features on platforms other than radio.

3.     We want to enlarge the world of feature-making:

So please look around in your own country and across borders and give us the names of programmes, products, online productions, freelance milieus and independent companies you think the IFC should get to know.

And now we have a special request:
The deadline for submissions is 21 February 2014   3 March
Please do not wait until then.
Send us your proposals as soon as possible as it will be quite a job to follow up on these proposals and get in touch with new people.
So help us to shape the extraordinary 40th IFC together.

As soon as possible, please send us:

  • A ten-minute audio excerpt
  • An exact English language translation of the excerpt provided
  • A synopsis of the production and the reason you think it is relevant to the IFC.

The excerpt maybe send as follows:

  • Or by sending a CD to:

by mail

Prix Europa/RBB
Hetta Huhtamäki
14046 Berlin

by courier

Prix Europa/RBB
Hetta Huhtamäki
Kaiserdamm 80/81, 14057 Berlin

Please also send the English translation, the synopsis, your reason for submission and all other information to hetta@prix-europa.de.

The Euroradio Features Group will meet on 11 and 12 March 2014 at the premises of PRIX EUROPA in Berlin to select the productions and ideas for the IFC and to further design its concept.

Let’s go!

Lorelei Harris

Please follow our newsletter updates for the next steps:
personal registration, accommodation and conference schedule.

All the information will be available later on this website
40th IFC 2014

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