KSP 2013 – Winners ‘Karl Sczuka Prize’

The Karl Sczuka Prize for Works of Radio Art, established by the SWR in 1955, will be awarded this year for the 52nd time.

Karl Sczuka Prize 2013

for Iris Drögekamp and Oswald Egger

Karl-Sczuka-Preisträger 2010:Oswald Egger und Iris Drögekamp

According to the regulations governing the prize, the award is made for “the best production of a work of radio art using musical material and structures in an acoustic performance”.

An independent jury, consisting of Christina Weiss (chair), Marcel Beyer, Michael Grote, Helmut Oehring and Margarete Zander, praises the radio play Linz and Lunz / Support grant for Rafael Nassif.
(To be broadcast on SWR2 on 20 October and 5 November)



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