Ward Weis (iPad fan): Little things that made me happy …

wardweisBy Ward Weis (BE)

I’m a big iPad fan; it’s small, reliable and has a great autonomy.

You find plenty nice and powerful app’s for audio & video-editing.
Only … the iPad has only one big bad habit … you can’t import sounds from SD or USB

But recently I found a thing  that does the trick and give use the possibility to import very easy sounds into the iPad:

  • With the APOTOP WI-READER  you create a small wireless NAS and by inserting a SD or USB-stick it you can have their contents accessible for editing. I made a little demo on YouTube how it works.

Some app’s I like very much …

  • A nice basic one track editor is TWISTEDWAVE.
    It can record, edit and transfer the final edit to your radio station by a lot of way’s (email, ftp, dropbox, soundcloud, …) TWISTEDWAVE is easy to use and works very fast  … *)
  • For the bigger jobs I prefer AURIA
    It is a real DAW (digital audio workstation). It can record, edit, It can fade, eq, compress … you name it. It has also video options.
  • With LUCI live you can go in high quality live on-air
  • Some other promising app’s are RODE REC, WAVEPAD, CUBASIS, … and so many others.
  • Also very nice extra hardware could be the ALESIS iO DOCK, BEHRINGER’s  iSTUDIO and I am really looking forward to test their iX16 soon.
    • If to want a great sounding interface with a lot of in’s and outs … RME’s UCX is the one I advise.
  • Finally … although my iPad became the thing I use the most … the bigger work is still done on my laptop with REAPER as my preferred editor.

*) Please vote for my request ‘play over selection button‘ at http://twistedwave.com/features/ios/popular

Ward Weis
technicus radio 2 antwerpen
+32 479 313 472


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