PE 2013 – HappyHour-Call-Out from BBC Radio 3 and Prix Europa


The Prix Europa is celebrating 20 years of ‘Between the Ears’, BBC Radio 3’s showcase for adventurous radio.

Please send a WAV or MP3 (via WeTransfer) of your unedited sound fx, voice clips, atmospheres or even fragments of music (not longer than 30 seconds) by the end of September to Cheers!

Since the broadcast of Monument (A Piece for Radio) in October 1993 (winning the Prix Italia the following year), the series has provided an opportunity for producers to play with the palette of the feature-maker, to challenge the borders between documentary, music, drama and pure sound, and above all to encourage close, ‘musical’ listening to radio.

And we’d like you to be part of the celebrations: you’re invited to birthday drinks in the ‘Happy Hour’ after the day’s listening sessions at 18:15 on Wednesday 23rd October

AND, in advance of that,
we’d like you to contribute a sound that reflects or interprets the notion ‘happy hour’, so that Simon Elmes (BBC Radio’s Creative Director) and Alan Hall (of Falling Tree productions and producer of that landmark first edition) can create a miniature edition of Between the Ears to be premiered during the party!


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