ABA 2013 – Winners Ake Blomstrom Award

again, now after IFC 2013

https://i2.wp.com/i180.photobucket.com/albums/x83/jamesmargaret3rd/february%202011%20blog/Drum-Roll-Please.pngby: Elisabeth Stratka

Proud to present the three winners of the Ake Blomstrom competition 2013: Zoë Comyns, Mohamed Amjahid, and Steven Rajam, out of 18 submissions.
(The three of them are going to come to the Conference in Bergen, but only two programs will be presented at the IFC 2013)

Zoë ComynsSeen from a Distance” (IRE)


All around Ireland houses lie deserted – Zoë Comyns brings her family back to the cottage they own in Leitrim, where they lived when she was born, to sift through everything they left behind 35 years ago when they left the house.

  • script (for download/in new page)
  • (NOTE: audio is streaming and available until June 3, 2013  in relating to rights)


Mohamed AmjahidRemember me to my beloved Syria” (GERMANY) photo©janschaller

A journey to a refugee camp at the border between Turkey and Syria. Mohamed Amjahid visits families, that have been expelled from their Syrian homes and renegades of the Syrian Army.
  • script (for download/in new page)
  • (NOTE: audio is streaming and available until June 3, 2013 in relating to rights)


Steven RajamTim Key and Gogol’s Overcoat” (UK)

Steven Rajam-ABThe programme both explores the literary qualities of Nikolai Gogol’s original story, and playfully celebrates those same qualities with its own unreliable, absurdist narrative.

Steven Rajam couldn’t get the permission for giving us the whole program because of copyright problems (several parts of the program have quotations with unknown rights of the translation..) so he decided to give us the manuscript plus four clips of the program.
Those four clips have an explanatory text (see below)

Tim Key’s Gogol is still available as a free download on the BBC site – http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01nt3y0 – but maybe this is UK only??

  • script (for download/in new page)
  • (NOTE: audio is streaming and available until June 3, 2013 in relating to rights)
  • clip 1 (2:43) [from near the beginning of the programme]
    Tim sets off on his journey, leaving his “wife” at home… We find out a little about “The Overcoat”, and Tim reflects on how he came to fall in love with the story. His wandering thoughts parallel those of Gogol’s unreliable narrator…
  • clip 2 (1:05) [from near the beginning of the programme]
    We discover why Gogol is such a strange and unique figure in Russian literature – and the bizarre world of “The Overcoat”’s main character, Akaky Akakievitch.
  • clip 3 (1:44) [from towards the middle of the programme]
    Tim has become concerned by the negative comments several interviewees have made about the state of his own filthy coat. We hear him visit a tailor’s shop, paralleling Akaky Akakievitch’s own visit to Petrovitch the tailor in “The Overcoat”. As Tim becomes more and more distracted from his documentary, his and Akaky’s narratives begin to blur…
  • clip 4 (2:38) [from near the end of the programme]
    Tim’s brand new overcoat has arrived, and he is delighted. But how can he finish his documentary about Gogol’s “The Overcoat”?

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