IFC 2013 – Welcome Reception!

“Dear all of you,
Heartly welcome to the Opening Reception, Sunday at 19.30 in the Hotel Grand Terminus Whiskey Bar.
There will be wine and snacks, speaks and last but not least, entertainment by Stian Carstensen (photo).
He is a well-known Norwegian multi-instrumentalist and humorist and is going to play music from all the 23 participating countries in a way you have never heard before.”
“And if we know him right, he will also tell us quite unheard things about these countries. In 15 minutes!
5 Years ago he made a new Norwegian National anthem, called Yes, Noooorway, ordered by the Norwegian Radio Documentary Department.
What he will do with the folk music from Poland, Argentina and Belgium remains to be heard… Sunday at 19.30!”
“You may register for the conference from Sunday 12.5. at 17.00 at the IFC desk in the Hotel Grand Terminus Reception.
You will get a bag with all relevant information, including list of delegates, discussion groups, tourist information and city map, list of cafes and restaurants in Bergen, and of course the final program for the conference.
See you soon!”
Greetings from us all in the
Radio Documentary Department
NRK Norway
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