IFC 2013 ✈ From airport to hotel

Se etter den røde, blå og hvite bussen.

The easiest way of traveling from the Airport in Bergen (Flesland) to the bus station in Bergen is to take the “Airport bus”/ Flybussen.
There are two optional bus companies, SAS Flybuss and FlybussBergen (express bus).
Both companies have regularly departures from the Airport.

A Taxi from the airport to the hotel costs about 400- 500 kroners (53-66 euro).
So if 4 people share a taxi, it`s almost the same price as the bus.

The travel time for this bus route is about 20-30 min.
The price for a one-way ticket with SAS is 100 kroners (13 euro) and with FlybussBergen is 70 kroners (9 euro)

The SAS buss runs every 15 minutes from the airport and the FlyBussBergen runs every 30 minutes.

Here are two links if you want more detailed information about the buses:

It`s a very short walking distance from the bus terminal to hotel Grand Terminus, it takes about 3-5 min to walk:
(see map below, or (same) by Google Maps for download @mobphone)

Afbeelding 10

Afbeelding 9

If you want more information about hotel location, please use this link to Grand Terminus homepage:


Cecilie Land
IFC office

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