ABA 2013 – Call for the ‘Åke Blomström’ entries

UPDATED: Dec 06, 2012 (> attachment > e-mail confirming after ftp upload)
UPDATED: Dec 03, 2012 (> attachment > ftp address)


Dear colleagues,

Each year young and promising feature makers have the possibility to get money from the Åke Blomström Memorial Prize to attend the International Feature Conference.
The prize money will cover the travel, the stay and living expenses during the conference.
On the IFC, the young feature makers will meet experienced feature makers from all over the world, and listen to and discuss a broad range of inspiring radio documentary programs, in addition to workshops and seminars on radio documentary making.

  • Next year (2013) the IFC will be held in Bergen, Norway: 12th to 16th May.

Who can get an Åke Blomström Award?

Any young and unrecognised feature maker aged 35 years and under on the closing date for application in any given year …

  • READ more and/or DOWNLOAD all about (download attachment here or here – UPD Dec 06 ’12)
  • Check HOME PAGE Åke Blomström Memorial Prize
  • The closing date for the entry of submissions for the 2013 Åke Blomström Memorial Prize is 8th January 2013

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