PI 2012 – Winners radiodrama Prix Italia 2012 +AUDIO


The Jury: Wim Vangrootloon (VRT Belgium), Natalia Deakova (CRCZ Czech Republic), Ferenc Markovits (MR Hungary), Ilinca Stihi (ROR Romania), Mirijam Bevc Peressutti (RTVSLO Slovenia), Kyoung-Min Yoo (MBC South Korea), Christer Ekbom (SR Sweden), Francesca Giorzi (SRG/SSR Switzerland) The President: David Hunter (BBC United Kingdom)



We admired the way in which this production was able to combine both sensitive, intimate scenes with those depicting the tough realities of life in an urban multicultural football team. The actors convinced us with their restrained and authentic approach where silence and hesitation were as important as the words. This was matched by an equally effective soundscape when needed eg. a very powerful football crowd. Although it was a series the producers made the bold choice to give each short episode (8’) a different tone. Home Goal passes the ball into new territory for Radio Drama.

THE WINNER IS: Mama Tandoori (NPO –Netherlands) [AUDIO]

A moving and honest personal story that leads the listener on a “sentimental journey”. The narrator gives us an entertaining and exotic picture of his life. The significant events of his youth are dramatised in vivid and technicolour sound pictures. Ernest is a narrator and observer at the same time and never analyses the behavior and actions of his relatives. He leaves this open for the listener. Mama Tandoori is spicy radio.

SPECIAL MENTION TO: Wiretap: ‘All the world’s a stage’; ‘The god’s breath’; ‘Envy’ (CBC/SRC – Canada) [AUDIO]

For its originality, simplicity and sharpness of its scripts and playful performances by nonprofessional actors.


General Considerations
General feeling that 39 plays are too many to consider properly. Perhaps pre-listening should be obligatory? Are the right pieces being submitted? It is an important responsibility.

A perception that there are still a good number of traditional dramas and in only a few cases were we presented with pieces that challenged us in terms of the form and the content. Little provocative material. In some cases there was a dilemma as to whether a piece was in the right category … documentary for example.

If Radio Drama is to remain a living art form then the producers should be more open about presenting stories about the present day, about seizing opportunities to catch the spirit of younger minds and exploiting new technologies.


shortlists and the winners of the 64th Prix Italia

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