PM 2012 – 16th Prix Marulic – official results

16th Prix Marulic – International Festival of Radio Plays and Documentary Radio Dramas

(May 19-25 2012 Hvar/Croatia)

The 16th edition of “Prix Marulic Festival – Old texts revisited!” (held on the island of Hvar)  has presented 57 broadcasts from all over the world;  18 in Drama Category, 28 in Documentary and 11 in Short Form Category.

At the end of festival jury members chaired by Soila Valkama from Finland and Chris Brookes from Canada, have decided:

Grand Prix Marulic (awarded with the lighthouse statue, diploma and a monetary award) go to the Russia, Great Britain and Croatia.

DRAMA CATEGORY, Prix Marulić 2012:

1. (Grand Prix Marulić): Russia – ”The Yalta Game“- (Radio Russia, RTR), author: Brian Friel (based on a theme in The Lady with the Lapdog by Anton Chekhov), producer: Zhanna Perelyaeva, director: Dmitriy Nikolaev

2. Great Britain  – “Gargantua and Pantagruel by Rabelais Ep 1 – Gargantua

”- (BBC), author Francois Rabelais, dramatised by Lavinia Murray. Producent and director: Gary Brown 

3. Germany – “Art thou, fair world, no more? A journey to Johann Joachim Winckelmann”- (Independent), author: Jean-Claude Kuner


1.(Grand Prix Marulić): Great Britain – “Dreaming Dickens”- (Rockethouse Productions), producers: Cathy FitzGerald, Matt Thompson

2. Germany – “Karpaten Blues — A journey on my great-grandfather’s traces”- (Deutschlandfunk), author and director: Janko Hanushevsky, producer: Sabine Küchler

3. Great Britain  – “Not Quite Cricket” – (Somethin else), author: Jon Rose

SHORT FORM, Prix Marulić 2012:

1.(Grand Prix Marulić): Croatia  – “Glagoljon” – (Croatian Radio and Television – HRT Radio), authors: Stephanie Jamnicky and Zoran Sajko, producer: Adriana Kramarić

2. Croatia – “Open heaven”, (Croatian Radio and Television – HRT Radio) , director: Jasna Mesarić, producer: Nada Zoričić

3. Croatia – “Francis Marchetin”, (Croatian Radio and Television – HRT Radio), author: Đuro Franković (text),   Nada Zoričić (dramatisation), director: Stephanie Jamnicky, producer: Nada Zoričić

Award “Hvar Theatre” went to member of Prix Marulic Team – Vid Mesarić.


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