Hurray!, April 20: 12 Year IFC web site!!


Back to 26th IFC, Berlin, 2000, April 10 to 14 …

One week later, on April 20, there was the first ever IFC web site -‘IFC @meetingpoint’-, with the following opening text:

Welcome !

Returning from last International Feature Conference there is always this Big Black Hole.
A week with friends and colleages, listening, discussing and laughing about shared obsessions: a theme, a special way of recording, a microphone.
And after that there is nothing.
Just a one year radio silence.
That’s why we decided to built our ‘IFC @meetingpoint’.

The place to be to start up discussions, to share thoughts, to work on new ideas, to let the others know that you’re still there, alive.
The ‘IFC @meetingpoint’ is the place to stay in contact with the others of ‘The Family’.
Please let us know what you think of this.
Let us know what can be done better.
Let us know if there’s something missing.

We hope the ‘IFC @meetingpoint’ will bring thoughts together.
You must know that everything you write on this page can be red by all the others.
You don’t need to reply on everything everytime.
Just reading what is going on can be fun, once or twice a week.
Use the keyhole to understand what is going on, to ‘hear’ about gossips.
And add one.

Give ‘IFC @meetingpoint’ a bookmark in your heart and PC, visit us.
Tell others, your colleages working on features and documentaries to share us; give them our adress and password.

Let’s meet again!

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