IFC 2011 – Live Streaming (beta)

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For our colleagues and interested parties who unfortunately could not be with us in Hilversum

Sorry, No LIVESTREAM. Soon lot of movies ‘IFC2011 Hilversum’ on this website …

  • We try something new at IFC 2011 (May 15/19) … IFC Live Streaming (by USTREAM.TV).
  • Unfortunately not everything! Only those parts where rights are not a problem.
  • What and when we go to stream is short before published on our IFC Twitter page. (@ifc_radio) new window
  • But and also what is streamed, is shortly later on-demand available.
  • NO LogIN needed to watch.

Curious! … (please, don’t forget your comment about this, below…)

watch ‘IFC 2011″ (or archive), click ‘PLAY’ button below … new window



… or stay here


The 37th International Feature Conference (IFC) will be held in Hilversum, The Netherlands, from 15 to 19 May, 2011.

The conference is FREE and open to all, but you will need to register by April 25. It is held in English and presents great networking opportunities, as well as the chance to hear a wide range of international radio work.

Full information here (new page)

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