IFC 2011, SPECIAL! ‘Evening in Hilversum’, and oh yea … the Group photo, May 18

Wednesday, 18 May

Today a Group photo … 

  • Group photo during lunch time.


… and an ‘Evening in Hilversum‘ … from 18h00 … with live Sound art (SewerFest Flush) and after that: live Local Music.

  • 18h00 – 22h00:  Hilversum ‘SEWER FEST FLUSH
  • website SerwerFest
    • May 18, 2011 is that Sewer festival back again. For one evening!

      We call it a ‘Sewer Flush’. … a short version of ‘rioolFest’

      It’s a ‘special’ during the ‘International Feature Conference’ (IFC) that week in May in Hilversum.

    • From 6 till 10 pm sound will be heard coming from the drains in town center. During this four-hours period the city of Hilversum will expand in size and activity with the addition of an acoustic network, including features, and many ear-opening sounds.

      This sound project is the brainchild of sound artist Willem Davids

    • The “Sewer Flush’ is being supported by the Hilversum Council. The Council is also providing help with technical support.

      Sound design: Ian Yang (China), Technical center: Café ‘Het Wapen van Hilversum”, Coordination: Mediacityadviser Hilversum, Production: Stichting rioolFest, Website: www.rioolfest.nl

  • 20h30 – 23h30:  Hilversum ‘LOCAL MUSIC LIVE

Café ‘Het Wapen van Hilversum’, Groest 27, 1211 CZ Hilversum

(see map: http://bit.ly/ifc2011hilversum

All details is in your infobag.


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