IFC 2011, SPECIAL! Monday evening, May 16

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  • from 22h00 – till late:  IFC PRIVATE LISTENING CLUB   
    • free, informal late night session. … everyone is invited! … bring your own cd:s with you! …
    • max 15′ and without translation papers!
    • extracts of your work – more sound like. … things which are not in the official listening agenda …
    • ‘people’s own avantgarde’!!!
    • NO COMPETITION – GENTLE AND SOFT CRITICISM  … all kind of drinks available.
    • contactperson, questions, more… Harri Huhtamaki (harri.huhtamaki@yle.fi)


Café ‘De Koninck-inn’, Koninginneweg 92, 1211 AT Hilversum

(see map: http://bit.ly/ifc2011hilversum


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