by: Edwin Brys
Dear Friends,
Request: Radio Features on dementia.

Dr. Hannah Zeilig from Great Britain happened recently to listen to “Everyday something disappears”, a programme about Alzheimer patients , made by Luc Haekens and myself.

She is looking for more radio documentaries  or fiction on the topic.
Here is her request :
“Have there been radio programmes dramatising dementia (Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias) in your country?’

‘If so, what form have these taken (are they dramas / drama documentaries / montage  / soundscapes …etc) and what sort of messages have been conveyed (ie: fear / anxiety about growing numbers of dementia sufferers / acceptance….etc) ?’
Finally ‘If there have been radio programmes in your country about dementia, how effective has radio as a medium been to communicate the experiences of people with dementia and their families?’
I am obviously not very interested in news features about dementia or medical programmes!
If you would like to include some brief information about me you could say:
‘Dr. Hannah Zeilig is a research fellow at the Institute of Gerontology, King’s College, London.

She has worked with people with dementia and is particularly interested in the cultural stories that we tell ourselves about this illness.
She is currently working on the ways in which we have configured dementia as a cultural phenomenon in Europe.’
My official work email is

Thanks for helping her if you can!  ( I know Steve Wadhams from CBC made one)

Edwin Brys


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