Torben Paaske


It is with great sadness that we have heard of the death of Torben Paaske as we are working together here in Geneva to do the selection for the 2011 International Features Conference.

Torben was a wonderful programme maker; a man imbued  with the gifts of listening, hearing and observing. He was also, quite simply, a lovely human being who will be missed all over the world.

Our deepest sympathy goes to his family, his friends and his colleagues in Danish Radio and in the Danish documentary making community.

Lorelei Harris
(Chairperson, EBU Features Group)


5 thoughts on “Torben Paaske

  1. Dear Friends,I will always remember Torben as a person in which talent and humility go together. He touched us with many of his works. Always very personal and diving into the heart of the topic or the character. I think Torben had the nerves right under his skinn. It is so sad to loose such a sensible person. The warmest regards to his family.Edwi Brys

  2. Dear friends, dear Lorelei and Edwin. Torben died Saturday March 5th from a sudden thrombus in his lunge without any warning. He was supposed to go to the studio and work this week. His family, his friends, his colleagues – we are all in shock and sad. Torben was only 57 years and he still had a lot of energy and lots of stories in him to be told. We will miss him at DR where he was one of the most inspiring radio producers to the younger radio generation. I have known Torben since 1984. We have worked together several times. He is one of the most humble and decent radiomakers I ever met. At the same time he had an artistic ear that is seldom. His radio oevres will live after him. Lisbeth Jessen

  3. Thank you dear Lisbeth for your more precise news about the so sad death of Torben .   If I understood it is on the IFC website. It is our instrument to be linked . In good times and in bad times. Love, Edwin Op 8/03/11 19:04, Posterous <

  4. This is a terrible loss. It’s hard to contemplate Torben is no longer with us. Condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues. NeilToronto

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