Kari Hesthamar new Head of Radio Documentaries NRK Norway

Dear all of you,-
I am happy to inform you all that Kari Hesthamar is taking over as Head of Radio Documentaries in NRK Norway from 1.1.2011, and she is then the person to contact whenever you want to know anything concerning Norwegian radio documentaries. 
I wish her good luck, and you all a smooth and fruitful cooperation in the future!
I will now be some sort of “dramaturg of reality”, “docudramaturg”,- that is a coach for many different radio and tv programs ,- also radio documentaries – where the point is to make a good story out of bits and pieces of reality. 
I am really looking forward to it, to be able to get even more experience and theory in this field.

Thank you very much for all the cooperation and fun through many years, merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all!
Berit Hedemann
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One thought on “Kari Hesthamar new Head of Radio Documentaries NRK Norway

  1. Dear Berit and dear Kari,Congratulations and good luck to you both. You are both on the top level ( I even don’t think in these terms of competition) of creative radio in Europe. You both are such clear, warm, convincing exemples of how to give a radiophonic shape to human adventures. Sometimes making big stories smaller or small stories bigger. NRK developped a strong storytelling style and approach and a efficient coaching system. After 20 years it still reverbates, like a strong beat on a gong, or like a stone you throw into a lake. Splatch.. Gong…NRK…kkk.kkkk…All the best for the future of you both. Oslo ,c’est un peu Solo and aussi Olso, c’est un compliment, in all ways and senses.ciao! Edwin

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