Call for Ake Blomström entries – deadline is 20th January 2011




Dear Colleagues,


Each year 3 young and promising feature makers have the possibility to get money from the Ake Blomstrom Memorial Prize to attend the International Feature Conference.

The prize money will cover the travel, the stay and living expenses during the Conference. On the IFC, the young feature makers will meet experienced feature makers from all over the world, and listen to and discuss a broad range of inspiring radio documentary programs, in addition to workshops and seminars on radio documentary making.
The IFC 2011will be held in The Netherlands, in Hilversum: 16th to 19th May 2011.


Who can get an Ake Blomstrom Award?

Any young and unrecognised feature maker aged 35 years and under on the closing date for application in any given year
They may be freelance producers or employees of broadcasting corporations and institutions involved in and/or attending the International Features Conference. The working language on the IFC is English.


Entry Requirements


All submissions should be made by individuals, i.e. group entries are not acceptable.


The following should be sent to each member of the selection committee listed below:


A short CV including date of birth, education and radio career to date
A letter of support from the relevant broadcasting corporation or institution
A complete program not exceeding 30’ duration OR a coherent extract up to 25’duration, preferably from the beginning of the programme. The program /program excerpt should be sent to the committee members either by audio file on e-mail or on 5 CD copies, one to each committee member, sent by mail. One program maker cannot submit more than one program/excerpt.
A short summary of the program in English, to be sent in hard copy or on e-mail to each member of the selection committee.
A complete English transcript of the program or extract submittes, to be sent in hard copy or by e-mail to each member of the selection committee. Programs without transcripts will be rejected.


The closing date for the entry of submissions for the 2011 Ake Blomstrom Memorial Prize is 20th January 2011.

In order for a submission to be considered, each member of the selection committee should have received the materials listed above by the closing date.


The prize was established in the late 1980s in honour of Ake Blomstrom (31/12/31 – 31/5/85), for many years Head of Documentaries in Swedish Radio and deeply committed to the work of his young colleagues. Today, the Ake Blomstrom Memorial Prize is a joint venture between SR (Sweden), DR (Denmark), YLE (Finland), NRK (Norway), RBB (Germany), ORF (Austria), BRT (Belguim), HRT (Croatia) and RTÉ (Ireland) who together sustain the prize by means of an annual donation into a bank account held under the aegis of the EBU.


Selection Committee 2011


Elisabeth Stratka
ORF Ö1 Feature
Argentinierstr. 30A
1040 Vienna


Ruth Storm Madsen
DR reportage, opg 3, 3.sal
Emil Holms Kanal 20
0999 Copenhagen


Hege Dahl,
0340 Oslo


Ljubo Pauzin
Hrvatski radio
Dramski program
Prisavlje 3
10000 Zagreb


Katri Puro
Toimittaja/ Tuottaja
Documentary programmes


The selection Committee will reach its decisions by 25th February 2011.

On that date all entrants will be notified of the result. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail or telephone.


Best wishes,
Elisabeth Stratka
Chairperson, Ake Blomstrom Memorial Prize
0043 – 1 50101 18425, or 0043 676 617 36 81


3 thoughts on “Call for Ake Blomström entries – deadline is 20th January 2011

  1. Just wondering, does everyone attending the IFC have to be affiliated with a member broadcaster? I’m not eligible for the Ake Blomstrom Prize (sadly!) but could I still take part? Just not clear on that. Thanks!

  2. Hi Connor,You are of course welcome to attend the IFC as long as you have an interest in and commitment to feature/documentary work. Please keep an eye on the site and we look forward to meeting you next year…w

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