PE 2010 – Prix Europa: Radio Documentary – Prize winners +AUDIO

Radio Documentary PE10

PRIX EUROPA         
Best European Radio Documentary of the Year 2010
Donated by the European Commission Directorate General of Communication

Who Killed Lolita? / Qui a connu Lolita? (+mp3)
ARTE Radio, France
Mehdi Ahoudig, Anouk Batard, Olivier Apprill (authors), Mehdi Ahoudig (director, photo), Silvain Gire (commissioning editor, producer), Samuel Hirsch (sound); co-produced by: Radio-Grenouille

Radio Documentary
Donated by Radio Österreich 1

The Runners
Raidió Teilefís Éireann – RTÉ, Ireland
Ciaran Cassidy (author, director, producer), Liam O’Brien (com. ed.), Mark McGrath, Anton Timoney (sound)

Special Commendation  
Nothing Less Than an Orgasm / Intet mindre enn en orgasme (+mp3)
Norsk rikskringkasting – NRK, Norway
Espen Thoresen (author, director, producer), Berit Hedemann (com. ed), Kåre Johan Lund (sound)

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