NEW, well…WEBSITE: v2.0


Ten years ago Transom was a new idea and it felt new. We had cutting edge design and content, inhabiting the boundary between traditional public media and the web. We were the first stand-alone website to win a Peabody Award. But time moves quickly in the Internet Age, and while our content remained fresh, our systems got old.

So, squeezing what we could from our limited resources, and relying on the kindness of friends, we’ve been rebuilding backstage over the past couple of years, and have just thrown the switch on Transom v2.0. It’s based on a content management system that’s much easier to maintain, navigate, and refresh. But it’s not perfect yet–there’s a lot of archive to wrangle–so we hope you’ll wander around and tell us what’s not working–funky pages, bad links, archive errors, or whatever. There’s a handy little “Report a Problem” button in the upper right-hand corner of each page for that.

If you have thoughts or opinions on the new site, we hope you’ll air them here.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be introducing more new features and we hope you’ll find them useful. More soon…

As ever, drop over any time,

Jay Allison
Woods Hole, MA


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