Send your Jingle, …

by: Wolfram Wessels, SWR (DE)

Dear Colleagues,

In october I am startings a new radio show dealing with feature und radiodrama.

Therefore I like to collect Intros, Jingles, Signets and Teasers which announces theses genres  – whatever the special term for it is in different countries (documentary, sound story…/ radiodrama, radiotheatre…).

So I would be grateful, if you could send those sounds on a CD or as an mp3-file or via internet-upload (if you like to choose this way, I’ll give you the details), or any other way. For example: this is our signet:

(See attached file:

if (FlashDetect.installed) {
} else {

Thank you for your help! – And if you are interested, I will send the collection to you.

best wishes!

Wolfram Wessels

SWR 2 Feature und Literatur
76522 Baden-Baden

Tel: 0049-7221-929-3215
Fax: 0049-7221-929-6329

Kennen Sie schon den DOKUBLOG
das Internetprojekt der SWR2 Feature-Redaktion?


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