IFC 2011 Hilversum Transport/Transfer

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 On 15 May, there will be IFC-shuttle buses at the main entrance of the train station hall in Hilversum to bring guests to their hotels. 


An email will be sent to you soon after the deadline for entering is passed with relevant questions such as;  flightdetails, expected time of arrival. This to make sure the shuttle bus will be there in time.

Easy going by train

  1. from  ‘Schiphol Airport’  to ‘Hilversumby train.

  • Take the Intercity from ‘Schiphol’ to ‘Amersfoort’ (normal from platform 3)
  • Train station ‘Hilversum’, is the second stop.
  • Depart: every half hour (07h19, 07h49, 08h19, etc.)
  • 31 minutes journey
  • € 6, 70 (Jan 2011) – Creditcard or Coins
  • Train Journey Planner 
  • HoTo Buy a Train Ticket at the Airport Mainhall?
  • CHECK  train-ticketmachine– (a yellow machine: see photo)

  2. from  ‘Train station ‘Hilversum to your Hotel’ by IFC-service taxi (free)

MAP IFC HILVERSUM http://maps.google.nl/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=nl&msa=0&msid=206224566883971277450.00047d320a78450fbff74&ll=52.222857,5.178165&spn=0.036805,0.085831&z=13&output=embed
IFC 2011 Hilversum, NL weergeven op een grotere kaart


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