EBU Ars Acustica anniversary CD ready for you

Dear all

Our EBU Ars Acustica anniversary CD is ready now for you to be distributed.

I would very much ask each of you to provide my colleague Apolena with postal address and your names where a certain amount of CDs is supposed to be sent.

We have 1000 CDs which we have to split among all of us incl. EBU which

Has in fact nominated to titles as well as other colleagues and radio companies who eventually didn´t have a contribution on the CD.

Please do it ASAP so we can manage the distribution.

info: mrataj@rozhlas.cz

Thank you all for cooperation


Dr. Michal Rataj
music editor, producer
Czech Radio – Production Center
Vinohradska 12, 12099 Praha 2, Czech Republic
gsm: +420 739 386 590



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