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13th Prix Marulic from 16th to 22nd of May / Call for programs

 Dear Friends,Attached there is a Call for programs for the 13th Prix Marulic which will be held in Hvar from 16th to 22nd of May.Best regards from Croatia,Nikica Klobucar, assistant organizer Ljubo Pauzin, festival organizerDOWNLOAD Call_for_pr

 Dear Friends,


Attached there is a Call for programs for the 13th Prix Marulic which will be held in Hvar from 16th to 22nd of May.


Best regards from Croatia,


Nikica Klobucar, assistant organizer
Ljubo Pauzin, festival organizer

DOWNLOAD Call_for_programs_2009.doc

Marko Marulić (Split, August 18, 1450 – Split, January 5, 1524) was a Croatian poet and Christian humanist, known as the Crown of the Croatian Medieval Age and the father of the Croatian Renaissance.

We celebrate : Peter Leonhard Braun 80. Pure Granite

 Next Wednesday February 11th  is Leo’s birthday. 80.  more text is coming up soon


Dear Friends,

Next Wednesday February 11th  is Leo’s birthday. 80. I think the international community of creative radio makers, and especially the International Features Conference, his very own child, owe him a grand salute. His impact on our work, our creativity , our thinking radio, and on international networking and solidarity is immense.
If you want to join the celebration, please send a message on this website
So your message can be read by all the friends and colleagues of the IFC ( Leo’s famous big circle) on this site.

click for write your message on this site » HERE

click for read the messages from others » HERE

Alora, avanti, It would be nice if you could mail the message on the 11th. The message is stronger if we send it all together.

Merci. Thank you. Je vous embrasse.

read: THE GENENIS of the IFC  by Peter Leonhard Braun


A visitor‘ left this comment on 19 May 09
Mr. Braun. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you at the conference in Dublin. I want to thank you for your wonderful and insightful contributions to the discussions and, on a more personal note, for making me lose my inhibitions and speak up a little more. Here’s to BBC Radio 4…! 😉
A visitor‘ left this comment on 24 Feb 09
A very Happy Birthday to the man who showed me that the world is a small place, all it needs is one person to connect and unite the continents. Thanks for that Leo. Forever gratefullRonny

A visitor‘ left this comment on 13 Feb 09
Poem for Leo BraunSome people offer a home for my ghosts, but do not recognize the visitors and serve tea with sugar cubes dissolving like secrets in a whore’s bed. I vanish in rumors and promises, never kept, as the label NEW on a bag of coffee of too old a brand. Maybe one day a shade will pass passing on the gossip. Then a glass of water will do.

I hope you still remember me for I will always think of you. Come back today in my life so that I can claim, dear Leo, the happiest birthday you’d ever dream.

Bart Stouten, VRT (very much alive and kicking)

A visitor‘ left this comment on 12 Feb 09
Dear Leo,

  • I got the information just now( for I don’t check my personal hotmail e-mail box everyday), and checked with the time difference, and hope it is still 11th in Berlin! But hurriedly, here it is :
  • Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, dear Leonhard Braun!
  • Haaappy Birthday to you!!

also in Chinese: 祝你生日快乐!

  • And let me assure you that I’m in beautiful voice today! I am sure you can hear it—- warmest wishes from Xiaolei, China! And also form all your funs in CNR, your loved ones.


A visitor‘ left this comment on 12 Feb 09
Dear Leo,Ralph Waldo Emerson, the American essayist once famously said :

  • ” Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no
  • path and leave a trail”

You have been the creator so many trails over the years! It is our deepest and most sincere wish that you will continue to be an inspiration for many many many years yet to come! Happy Birthday! See you soon

Anna Sekudewicz, Anna Dudzińska Polish Radio Katowice

A visitor‘ left this comment on 12 Feb 09
Dear Leo,Happiest birthday wishes to you and a salute to a champion of the radio feature in all its glorious diversity. You are indefatigable in your efforts to entice, inspire, and critically engage with feature makers around the world and across the generations. My thanks to you and fond memories of IFCs I attended and your visits to Australia where you performed your magic and stirred the art of the feature in 1984 and when you led us through your personal selection of the classics at the IFC in Sydney 2001. A true father of the feature family.

  • With love and best wishes,

Robyn Ravlich

A visitor‘ left this comment on 12 Feb 09
(sound of the street in the centre of Zagreb, late night) Dear Leo, not so many minutes left until midnight and til the end of your 80th birthday. I am aware that i am catching the last train to jump in. (distant creeping of a cradle) Maybe I am the very last one to congratulate. Ofcourse. Because I am always late and you know it. (a baby crying) But this time I have a good excuse, this excuse, this born Berliner, now a brand new Zagreber is just trying to fall asleep in the room near by. With more or LESS success…. (a baby shouting) I will be back in couple of minutes. (pause. silence.then whispering.) Uh, night belongs to me as you may notice.Dear Leo, it is around 10 years that we know eachother in person, but we knew one for each other long long time before. In fact, I know your name from the envelopes of the letters my father was sending to you, or receiving from you, some 25-30 years ago. Such an elegent name I always thought. Peter Leonhard Braun. Noble.Strong. But somehow distant. You became more real when I came as one of the Ake Blomstrom Prize winners to IFC in Amsterdam 99.After we all listened to my first little feature “The next morning you’ve got headache”, I couldn’t believe how much people liked it, until, until you stood up and put my uprising enthusiasm back to crumbles. Despite that horror, it was really a new begining, a beginnig of a beautiful friendship. (sound of doors opening, male voice and baby silent crying, sound of breast feeding). Well. I have to cut the long story short and write only with one hand.

Dear Leo,in many situations in these 10 years that will follow you came up as a distant father figure to me. Still very elegant. Noble. And strong. But much more crazy then I could ever imagine when I was only a child reading this name from my father’s envelopes: Peter Leonhard Braun – (sound of a satisfied baby humming, nyamming, then silence.calm breathing of a sleeping baby) I wish you very happy this special, round birthday to you.!!! (silence.then bells of Europe ringing midnight.) Pavlica

A visitor‘ left this comment on 11 Feb 09
My voice in the huge choir!

  • for your big-big heart , for your sensitive wisdom
  • for the trust you gave to all of us
  • for “the art of making radio”
  • for all the stories you’ve told us
  • for the huge imperium of immagination you’ve create
  • for your so natural youth
  • & for your para-normal friendship
  • Yours,
  • thankfull
  • Mihaela Helmis -Romania
A visitor‘ left this comment on 11 Feb 09
Dear Leo!

  • I remember my first IFC in Copenhagen. After the listening session you

walked over me and you touched my face and looked into my eyes… You made me feel an adopted child of the IFC (thespite the IFC and me being the same age).

Long live THE KING of featuremaking!

Monika Hemperek, Lublin

A visitor‘ left this comment on 11 Feb 09
Lieber Leo,I am, (and I think we all are), the richer for having known you and for having had you as a mentor, supporter and loyal friend for around 45 years.

On this day, the 29.220th of your distinguished life, I send you from London my warmest wishes for continuing good health, mental vigour and personal and conjugal happiness.

Salutations, Birthday Boy!


[But are you really on the threshold of your ninth decade? You still look and sound so youthful! My suspicion is that you are showing off again!]

Looking forward to seeing you soon, Blessings, John

WillemD‘ left this comment on 11 Feb 09
Dear Leo, so young and so great!!! Happy Birthday x 80 = Congratulations!grt willem

A visitor‘ left this comment on 11 Feb 09
For us here You are the Star, maybe too distant, but shinning strong light. We need this light like the sailors sailing the mysterious radio ocean. you point us the right direction… Sometimes we reach the harbour called IFC or Prix E. The harbour of radiomakers, radiopoets, radiomaniacs, radiofanatics. Radiopeople. And There we never feel lonely, misunderstood… Sometimes we can hear the BELLS…Their sound is still so pure and clear in this cacophonic world. Thank you for this ALL. Happy Birthday Dear Leo.Kasia and Lublin Team ( PR )

A visitor‘ left this comment on 11 Feb 09
dear leo I send you 80 hugs with love kaye
A visitor‘ left this comment on 11 Feb 09
Congratulations from Norway to Leo, the Lion King of Radio!What would radio feature have been without you? What would radio have been, without you? What would programme analysis have been, without you? What would we have been, without you?

Much, we guess. But very different!

You changed something in radio and in us.

Your friends in NRK thank you for that, and wish you challenging years to come, dear old, charming, irritating, provocing, inspiring and dominant Lion!

Hege Dahl, Kari Hesthamar, Lars-Helge Myklebust, KÃ¥re Johan Lund, Berit Hedemann, Nils Heyerdahl and the rest.

A visitor‘ left this comment on 11 Feb 09
Dear Leo,Men are like wine. Some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.

It goes without saying that I shall put you in the second category.

Happy Birthday!!!

A visitor‘ left this comment on 11 Feb 09
Dear Leo,congratulations to you today!!!!!!!!

And thank you for your kindness, support, friendship!



A visitor‘ left this comment on 11 Feb 09
Dear Leo,I hope you celebrate your birthday with great gusto and good cheer. Somehow, I know you will.

It is my fervent hope that pugs are the secret to longevity and vigour.

My 6 year olds, Max and Lola (the black one), send you their best.

Best wishes,

Neil CBC Toronto

A visitor‘ left this comment on 11 Feb 09
Lieber PLB,similar to the fate of many radiomakers worldwide also my destiny was influenced by you – before I had even heard of Peter Leonhard Braun you had been pulling the strings behind the scenes, my scenes. And when later I heard your name, it was in a sort of hushed whisper that people reserve for gods, secret agencies and dangerous criminals. Yes, you appeared to be like Marlon Brando as ‘The Godfather’ when I met you for the first time in person, controlling, intimidating, pulling strings. I have overheard you on the telephone, waiting in your office, how you were making offers to people on the other end of the line, offers that these people could not refuse. Being very selective with giving someone your attention you become strikingly convincing once your full attention is set on some matter or person (of course, at first I recieved not a mere glimpse from you).

As I met you several times over the years, on feature conferences, not really by free will, I began to realise that it was you who initiated to bring all us people together, and slowly I was able to discover the love in you with that you have also established these personal ties. And so I not only got to know the bold, loud, generous, powerful manager of the international radio world and beyond, but also the quiet, self-critical, open, and: yes, not less vulnerable than I am myself, very human being. Someone who cares.

Thank you for years of encouragement, closeness, guidance, sharp criticism and warm praise, and many tons of crude oil.

Love, JJ

A visitor‘ left this comment on 11 Feb 09
Leo, Best wishes from the heart of Obama-land. Your support for the Third Coast Festival over the years has been invaluable, and collaborating with you in so many ways has been an honor, and the best kind of adventure. We’ve learned from you – big lessons and the little ones – and you’ve contributed importantly to the history of the TCF.One of the first times we spoke I was eating an apple, in Sinaia, and you asked what kind. It’s a nice memory.

Leo, on behalf of the whole TCF crew – myself, Johanna, Delaney and Gwen…happy, happy Day.

A visitor‘ left this comment on 10 Feb 09
Dear LeoBest wishes and a huge “happy birthday” from me and from all of us here at CBC. Keep on trucking my friend!


A visitor‘ left this comment on 10 Feb 09
WHAT WOULD LEO SAY TO IT ?It was in the late Seventies (last century). Mr. Braun had commissioned a feature about the fate of so-called German “student regiments” in the First World War, quite a job to deal with – including several trips to Northern France, Belgium and Great Britain. As usual, after studio production I was called to a the final evaluation talk in Leo’s office, Haus des Rundfunks, Berlin, Masurenallee. Quite nervous but also convinced of the world-shaking result of my endeavours I sat in front of his desk, waiting for the verdict. Leo said (his eyes solemnly fixed on mine): “And now I’m going to honour you with the Pour le Mérite for … boredom !”

Such was my entry to the international family of feature makers. (I shouldn’t forget to add that Leo – then still “Mister Braun” to me – gave me the chance for a complete re-make of the programme, one extra week in the best studio of SFB). Since then Leo has been a livelong attentive, caring, challenging discussion partner in my mind, sometimes even in my dreams (not necessarily nightmares) – myself asking more than once:


Frankly spoken: He has been and still is kind of a professional “Ãœber-Ich” – sparring partner, friendly shadow, lighthouse, opponent, wailing wall, respected friend. Writing those words of affection, I see Leo putting out his green ballpoint, grabbing the printout of this mail … … And little Helmut (30 years younger) is sitting in front of his desk … wondering:


A visitor‘ left this comment on 10 Feb 09
Happy birthday, dear friend. Love Lorelei
A visitor‘ left this comment on 9 Feb 09
Dear Leon,Always be nice to those younger than you, because they are the ones who will be writing about you.


pat donnez

A visitor‘ left this comment on 9 Feb 09
To Leo!Congratulations on your birthday. You are not the only man I know – but you are the only man I know without age. First time I saw you and HEARD you was in Warszawa in 1998, and since then you have become an important part of my life. In the beginning I thought only when it came to the international scene of radio. But NO. I was mistaken. And I am mistaken. And I hope you will interfere in many many many years to come. I wish you all the best, Lisbeth ( Anna Elisabeth) Jessen DR

A visitor‘ left this comment on 9 Feb 09
Über Peter Leonhard BraunEr hat mein Leben maßgeblich beeinflusst. Als ich in den siebziger Jahren an einem Sonntagnachmittag im Österreichischen Rundfunk zum ersten Mal die „Hyänen“ hörte, war mir bewusst, einer Zeitenwende beizuwohnen. Da war, plötzlich, gänzlich Neues im Radio, Nie-Gehörtes, ungeahnte Möglichkeiten taten sich auf. Ich ging zum Rundfunk – und machte Features. Den Mann lernte ich erst Jahre später kennen. Auf Konferenzen in Sidney, Budapest und Berlin. Er war wie starke, durchschlagskräftige und visionäre Persönlichkeiten eben sind: Selbstherrlich, provokativ und autoritär. Doch weil ich ihn gleichzeitig bewunderte (und beneidete) musste ich mich an ihm abarbeiten. Wenn er Alpha sagte, sagte ich Omega. Und wenn er etwas schlecht fand, fand ich es gut. So durchschlug ich seine Wahrnehmungsgrenze. Allein der Widerspruch gilt als Eintrittskarte in den Kosmos des Peter Leonhard Braun. Erst als wir uns auf derselben Augenhöhe begegnen konnten, begann die Phase der Kooperation. Die Freundschaft folgte. Sie währt nun seit langem schon. Herzlich, voller Gesten der Zuneigung, intensiv. Wenn ich heute an den virilen Mann, diesen Berliner Dandy mit seinen schlohweißen Haaren denke, bin ich zufrieden und stolz. Ich habe ihn mir erobert. Gottseidank.

A visitor‘ left this comment on 9 Feb 09
My dearest Leo,I want to send you my warmest congratulations on your Big Birthday. And I want to thank you for being my friend all these -almost 30- years. I think of you as a most unusual person. Having you on my side, I always felt somehow things will work out. You stand up for your friends, no matter what. If there was a thunderstorm approaching, I would feel most at ease standing next to you – except perhaps in the case where you yourself are the thunderstorm…

I want to thank you for your generosity, for your warmth and for your honesty. When most people express their views on anything, they can be polite, cunning or friendly – but I know you will always remain sharp, direct and totally honest. This is unique and something to treasure. But what I appreciate most of all is your capacity of showing your feelings, both in joy and sorrow. My strongest memory of you will always be connected to our mutual friend Ã…ke Blomström’s sad funeral in Stockholm on a beautiful summer’s day a long time ago. For me it was a seal of friendship that will last forever.

A warm hug and much love to you, Barbro

A visitor‘ left this comment on 8 Feb 09
read comments from: Matthias Thalheim, John Theo, friend Harri, René Farabet, Barbro, Kaye Mortley, Peter Klein, Edwin Brys, Lorelei Harris,copy and past this link

A visitor‘ left this comment on 8 Feb 09
The Clair-Obscure Touch of Peter Leonhard BraunLeo in the light, Peter in the shadow, and Braun everywhere. I don’t know any man filling a room like he does. Broad shoulders, a voice of bronze, a silver helmet of hair. Balzac, sculptured by Rodin, comes close. Pure granite. He could have been the coach of Mohamed Ali, Von Karajan, or the Pope. I easily can imagine him pronouncing the Urbi et Orbi from His Balcony.

But there is so much more. Besides the noisy Leo, there is the silent Peter. There is Leo, le Clair, and Peter, l’Obscur.

Leo the Clair taught so many of us, timid radio authors, to stand up, to speak up in front of 100 colleagues at international meetings and festivals. Leo forced you to step into the spotlights. A kind of rite of initiation. He learned us to stop to blush and stutter.

Leo, the Obscure, was the lobbyist behind the scenes. I would not like to pay the telephone bills of his worldwide calls. In order to support and stimulate creative radio, he set up a worldwide network of radio professionals, decades before Internet appeared.

Of course, Peter Leonard Braun, is in the first place, the radio man. Hühner, Hyänen and Glocken in Europa are classics in European radio history.

Dear Leo, what is a sweeter age than 80? An eight and a zero. C’est beau, C’est rond, C’est chaud.

Ad multos annos!

Edwin Brys, VRT, Belgium

2nd March: deadline for submitting IFC09 prods

As you know, the 35th International Feature Conference (IFC) will be held in Dublin on 9-14 May 2009 at the kind invitation of RTÉ/Ireland.The EBU Features Group will meet in Geneva on 5-6th March to select the productions which will be played

As you know, the 35th International Feature Conference (IFC) will be held in Dublin on 9-14 May 2009 at the kind invitation of RTÉ/Ireland.


The EBU Features Group will meet in Geneva on 5-6th March to select the productions which will be played at the IFC.  All entrants will be notified by email of the outcome of the pre-selection process immediately after this meeting.


Please note once again that the deadline for submitting radio feature/documentary productions for possible inclusion in the listening sessions is 2nd March.


2nd March is really the last day. It would be actually better to receive these entry proposals as soon as possible.
Please provide:
o       1 ten-minute audio excerpt


o       An exact English translation of the excerpt provided


o       A synopsis of the production

The excerpt may be sent by one of these methods:


o       By uploading an audio file to the following ftp server: 

username: mbrupload 

password: ftp2euroradio

o       By sending a CD(no DAT please) to:


Laurent Marceau


European Broadcasting Union,


Head of Eurosonic/Radio Plus


L’Ancienne Route 17A,


CH-1218 Grand-Saconnex/Geneva,




Please send the relevant English translation and synopsis by email to

Kind regards,



next deadline:

27th March
Deadline for BOTH conference and hotel registration. Please complete the appended forms and return as specified.



grt  Willem

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