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Skype Bonanza (IFC 2008 Varna)

tekst tekst
till the conference…Daily updates here…

*Skype Bonanza*

This workshop (IFC-Varna) will use skype and internet connections to enable us to hear the views of colleagues who will not be attending the IFC on this very important aspect of our collective future.

coordinated by Willem Davids

June 17,

17.00h (Bulgaria time)

show me the Bulgaria actual clock

bio/url outline website
 Participants ‘Subject’
 General question: ‘I’m radiofeature maker and what can Internet do for me? (more then research only)

(debate by Skype)

Viki Merrick  and I (Samantha Broun) will both be participating in the June 17th discussion.

Viki Merrick was a radio producer and production coordinator for ABC
News in Rome, Italy, and location/production manager for film
documentaries. Since the founding of Atlantic Public Media in 1995,
she has been producing essays and features for national broadcast on
NPR and for the Cape and Island public radio stations, WCAI/WNAN/WZAI.
Viki is an editor on the Peabody award-winning website,,
and a collaborator on the two Peabody Award-winning series, Lost &
Found Sound and The Sonic Memorial Project. More recently, she is the
Senior Editor on the NPR series This I Believe. VIki lives in Woods
Hole, Massachusetts with her kids Allegra and Ben.


Samantha Broun is an independent radio producer. She currently works
for Atlantic Public Media where she is the project manager for, curates a weekly podcast with The Nature Conservancy and
is a reader for the NPR series This I Believe. She is a graduate of
The Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. Prior to her life in
radio, she worked with youth for over 15 years.

bèta outline is an experiment in channeling new work and voices to public radio through the Internet, for discussing that work, and encouraging more.

(debate by Skype)

Andrew Kuklewicz from PRX will be able to do the skype session on the 17th

bèta outline

The Public Radio Exchange (PRX) is a nonprofit service for distribution, peer review, and licensing of radio pieces.

The Public Radio Exchange (PRX) is an online marketplace for distribution, review, and licensing of public radio programming. PRX is also a growing social network and community of listeners, producers, and stations collaborating to reshape public radio. The mission of PRX is to create more opportunities for diverse programming of exceptional quality, interest, and importance to reach more listeners.

(debate by Skype)

Bert Kommerij (1964) Amsterdam

Writer and director at the RVU broadcastorganisation.

Specialty: fiction/radiodrama/newmedia
Made several radiodramaproductions over the last years.
Winner Prix Europe 2003 for The Holland Family.

Flick Radio is about a man who gets lost on photo sharing community, where every minute 3000 photo’s are being uploaded. He meets an Englishman with a lust for travel, a Portuguese botanist, a French poet, a masochistic Sissy and the American teenager Kendra. The man asks Kendra to become the main character in the story he’s writing…

(debate live in person)

Marwil Straat

(short bio here soon)

Holland Doc is a crossmedial documentary platform that brings  TV-, film- and radiodocumentaries  together in one website. It highlights the actual documentaries that are broadcasted per week and has a growing  -on demand- archive that mixes radio and TV productions per theme. For radiodocumentary this platform brings on a lot of extra  listeners that are potentially interested in radiodocumentary but stopped listening to the radio and since then couldn’t find them anymore. Being connected to a crossmedial platform and close to TV also protects radiodocumentary from being taken of the air and the budgets.

(debate live in person)

Willem Davids

I’m Willem Davids (‘WillemD’, or ‘Dakfiets’), a public radio (NL) broadcaster, radio documentary/feature maker, sound artist, sound engineer and here your IFC-webmaster.
I have other blogs and a photo site online.
My main web site is at

bèta outline


• New and ‘new’ mediamakers showing and sharing their (first) audio- and/or media -stuff. (via big, known community sites … YouTube, MySpace, Flickr,  … what ever)

• Here your stage, podium, …. and perhaps your start of your media carreer!

• Receive inspiration and/or helpfull tips from others, by using the comment area therefore.

• It’s simple how it’s works: Include the tag: ‘rvu2′ with your files, so we can find you via: rvu2



WillemD‘ left this comment on 10 Jun 08
A few minutes ago I’ve tested the skype-connection with Samantha Broun ( Great and thanks!So, now fastforwards to Varna… grt willemd

A visitor‘ left this comment on 5 Jun 08
Hi Willem -We did get your email. Viki and I will look it over together today and let you know if we have any questions. I will also send you my Skype name (it’s on my computer at home and I don’t have it comitted to memory yet).

More soon,

Sam and Viki

A visitor‘ left this comment on 5 Jun 08
Yesterday a test session with Andrew of PRX, It’s works! waiting for Transom nowgrt willem

A visitor‘ left this comment on 4 Jun 08
And I’m in Willem! Great! Skype it!Bert

WillemD‘ left this comment on 3 Jun 08
First test with Andrew (PRX) ..sounds good!Last week testing too with Bert ( OK!

grt Bonanza

WillemD‘ left this comment on 3 Jun 08
Hi, Neil, Good idea to listen with us by skype. I go to checkout how that works. Anyway the discussion starts at 17.00h (Bulgaria time). Are you familiar with Skype?
A visitor‘ left this comment on 3 Jun 08
Sounds interesting. How can I listen in by Skype? What time is the discussion?

John Cage on YouTube

thanks to: Ward Weis (B)—— John Cage performing “Water Walk” in January, 1960 on the popular TV show I’ve Got A Secret.via WFMU:  “At the time, Cage was teachi

thanks to: Ward Weis (B)


John Cage performing “Water Walk” in January, 1960 on the popular TV show I’ve Got A Secret.

via WFMU:

“At the time, Cage was teaching Experimental Composition at New York City’s New School. Eight years beyond 4:33, he was (as our smoking MC informs us) the most controversial figure in the musical world at that time. His first performance on national television was originally scored to include five radios, but a union dispute on the CBS set prevented any of the radios from being plugged in to the wall. Cage gleefully smacks and tosses the radios instead of turning them on and off.


While treating Cage as something of a freak, the show also treats him fairly reverentially, cancelling the regular game show format to allow Cage the chance to perform his entire piece. 

TIP: a ladyshave which can make recordings

a ladyshave which can make recordings (available: june 2007) less then 200 euro !!!    thanks to: Ward Weis ( (B)

a ladyshave which can make recordings (available: june 2007)




thanks to: Ward Weis ( (B)


A visitor‘ left this comment on 29 Nov 07
i became a happy owner :-)it’s a winner !!!

wonderful machine sounds nice really good mic’s ( we all know some other are better … but for 200 euro you can not expect to have a neumann, sennheiser, schoeps quality ) read this to compare: easy to use

problems to be solved ?


A visitor‘ left this comment on 22 Oct 07
What are the little problems?
Ronan Kelly, Dublin, RTE‘ left this comment on 18 Oct 07
This is an excellent machine – recommended. One or two little problems that will, hopefully, be sorted out with firmware updates.
A visitor‘ left this comment on 2 Oct 07
I am curious about this “ladyshaver”. Have you tried it yet? Anyone else? Rikke
A visitor‘ left this comment on 5 Jun 07
i have ordered one. i post some first impressions about it as soon i have it in my hands. w.

We have lost a good friend; Peter Kristiansen

Danmarks Radio’s feature group is sad to announce the death of one of it’s most important members, Peter Kristiansen. Peter died last week after a brief battle with cancer. Peter created radiophonic works of the highest calibre thro

Danmarks Radio’s feature group is sad to announce the death of one of it’s most important members, Peter Kristiansen. Peter died last week after a brief battle with cancer.

Peter created radiophonic works of the highest calibre throughout his long career at DR, most notably for the international feature communty his work ‘The elite from the minefield’ which claimed the Prix Italia in 1989, and in recent years as senior editor of the feature slot ‘Ultrasound’.
Peter was nothing less than unique, a born feature maker who lived and breathed radio for over forty years. During his career he managed to produce a body of work that only very few will ever equal.
His anarchistic and very characteristic editorial style has encouraged and nurtured many new talents in feature making over recent years. His skill as an interviewer and collector of stories, his perfectionism in editing and his sheer audacity with subject matter has meant that in recent years that Peter’s work has attained recognition and even cult status.He will be sorely missed.

His funeral on July 7 comes just one day before the official closing of DR’s old ‘Radio House’, and one week before the biggest purge in DR’s history, which as many of you may know  includes the closure of the radio features departments and the subsequent end of that genre at DR. Truly Peter’s death, in so many ways, marks the end of an era for many of us here in Denmark. In spite of this bitter ending, Peter’s memory will for many of us, always remind us of golden age of radio at DR. Peter Kristiansen was 65.

Tim Hinman
Ultrasound DR P1


Dear Colleagues,

At a time when we thought the news from DR could not get worse, it has. We have lost a good friend. Peter was a man of great intellect, wit and kindness; a wonderful companion and a generous  colleague. He bore his illness with characteristic grace and dignity, making easy for those who met him that which was so difficult to bear. Our wish for him was that he would have more time but this was not to be. So now our thoughts must go out to his family and his colleagues for whom his passing will leave a huge absence.

Lorelei Harris
(Chair, EBU Features Group)



Our dear friend and appreciated colleague from the Danish Radio, Mr.
Peter Kristiansen, died yesterday due to a gallopping lung cancer. His
deparment at DR is also being closed down soon due to heavy cut-downs
within the Danish Radio. Peter Kristiansen was always curious and
constantly seeking new ways of producing radio. For many years, he was
responsable for “Lydmuren” at the Danish Radio, a vital and important
laboratory and production-platform for especially young musicians, poets
and writers who wanted to produce experimental radio which ranged from
both experimental documentaries to ars acustica. Peter Kristiansen was
always an attentive listener and sensitive person with a soft-speaking
voice and a great sense of humour. He will be missed by the whole ars
acustica society and of course by us in the EBU Ars Acustica who had the
privilege to know him well during our specialized meetings and our
common projects

ars acustia group, Erik Mikael Karlsson

After IFC – sad news from DR

  Dear Colleagues, We promised to keep you informed about the development in DR’s financial disaster and the threat to close DR’s radio feature production. I am very sorry to inform you, that the threat unfortunately did materia
 Dear Colleagues, 

We promised to keep you informed about the development in DR’s financial disaster and the threat to close DR’s radio feature production. I am very sorry to inform you, that the threat unfortunately did materialise last Thursday. 

Though, we experienced a fantastic support from you, and from all over Danish Society, the Board and Management of DR defended their decision to the bitter end. The Danish Association of the Blinds came to our support, three Journalist Schools, researchers and professors from four universities, the cultural elite, media-spokesmen of the political parties, media experts and listeners who signed a petition. We arranged hearings and wrote protests, and had a fantastic press coverage and sympathy in editorials and articles, unfortunately all with no effect. 

The two programmes ULTRALYD and DOKUMENTARZONEN will be closed by the end of this year, and staffs of the two programmes have received a notice of termination of their contracts with DR. 

Only a very few of us are offered new positions from 2008, and it seems that a very little “stamp” of radio documentary production will be maintained. However, we know very little about how and how much it will be. 

Besides the loss of a genre and the Danish Feature Group – we lost our dear colleague and great feature-maker, Peter Kristiansen. On the 28th of May he passed away after short and very aggressive attack by cancer. He was buried at a beautiful funeral, where peaces from his entire production were played in the church. We will all remember Peter as the fine man and good colleague he was and for his extremely fine radio work trough four decades. 

Once again, we would like to thank you all for your great support during and after the IFC and the difficult days we were in at that time. 

My best regards and many greetings from a DR still in chock. 




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grt  Willem

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