IFC ►|| members EBU ‘Radio Features Project Group’ #’International Feature Conference’ ▩ 2007-2009

As you know, the election of a new EBU Features Group (RFPG) took place during the IFC on 2 May. The outcome of the election is that the EBU Group now consists of

Edwin Brys (VRT/Belgium),

Lorelei Harris (RTÉ/Ireland) Chair,

Kari Hesthamar (NRK/Norway),

Alfred Koch (ORF/Austria),

Ulf Köhler (ARD-MDR/Germany),

Thomas Ravn-Pedersen (DR/Denmark),

Anna Sekudewicz (PR/Poland) and

Marwil Straat (NPB/Netherlands).

In addition, we have co-opted our webmaster extraordinaire, Willem Davids of RVU/Netherlands, onto the group.

We’re really looking forward to working to with Daniela Manilova of Bulgarian Radio in preparing the 2008 International Features Conference in Varna, Bulgaria.

Finally, a big vote of thanks is due to Ljubo Pauzin 

of HRT/Croatia for all the sterling work he has put into the EBU Features Group over the years. He’s brought us humour and wit and wisdom by the spade load, so Ljubo:gratitude.

Finally, to everyone who was at the IFC in Copenhagen,  please please return the IFC Evaluation Form if you haven’t already done so. It’s the best guide we’ve got to planning the next conference.

Lorelei Harris
(Chair, EBU Features Group)


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