We lost a marvellous friend: Zdenek Boucek

We lost a marvellous friend This afternoon I received the sad message that our good friend and colleague Zdenek Boucek faded away. After breaking a leg Zdenek died some days later because of the complications, is what I’ve heard. I will rememb

Zdenek Boucek
Zdenek Boucek

We lost a marvellous friend

This afternoon I received the sad message that our good friend and colleague Zdenek Boucek faded away.
After breaking a leg Zdenek died some days later because of the complications, is what I’ve heard.

I will remember Zdenek as a most friendly colleague, who succeeded in being with us year after year.
He surprised all of us with his production of the celebration of the 1st of May (‘In the May-parade’, 2003), so funny.

There was this special Czech humor in a lot of his productions.
I will also remember him as the man with the glasses on his forehead, and as the man with the dictionary so close to his eyes.
Looking for English words to give his view on what he heard…

I will miss him.

Vincent van Merwijk, chairman EBU Features Group

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Brigitte Kirilow‘ left this comment on 1 Feb 06

Hey Zdenek, friend from the East!In the beginning, IFC 1992 in Copenhagen, we hardly couldn’t understand each other, when at all more in russian, than in english. But we understood our fear during the conference speaking in a not practice language, but also the wonderful challenge we waited for over years. We understood by heart. We looked in our eyes and saw our past. It was nice to meet you, Zdenek. With you and some other I didn’t feel alone in this advanced circle. I’ll miss you. You was a character. Something special. brigitte

A visitor‘ left this comment on 1 Feb 06

In the big familly of IFC some of the relatives/members use to be where the rose is

  • ( here is the rose- do dance here!)
  • (l’immportant c’est la rose…)

Around each of them – as some marvelous bees – turn from time to time some great new-commers … then they fly away – so rich ,so full of light…

  • Today I cannot think the garden/family
  • Without the rose/pillar on his name Zdenek …

It is so hard to think our world without his enlighted desire to express himself !

So sad – Mihaela Helmis

A visitor‘ left this comment on 31 Jan 06

Stay tuned, old pal !Last September my mother died. She had broken her leg and passed away due to the after-effects of this accident. My mother was 93 and people consoled me by saying: “She has had her life” ! And Zdenek broke his leg and died because of following complications. He was just 64 and full of plans (both of us discussed about another Czech-German co-production, his feature programme in the cultural channel “Vltava” and MDR in Halle/Saxony to be partners). I fear, Zdenek has not “had his life” yet. And that’s cruel !

Participants of international radio events like Prix Futura, Prix Europe and International Feature Conference have known Zdenek Boucek for many years. He was one of the most reliable and steady members of the “family”. To attend the Oslo IFC in 1997 he even took the bus from Praha, lacking money for an air ticket.

Remembering Zdenek, most of us recall the heavy figure of a man, rising in slow motion from his chair to deliver his statement, his body trembling from ideas and suggestions, but handicapped by his rather poor English (which didn’t grow very fast over the years). Nevertheless, those who had an intimate knowledge of him knew very well the universal education and culture of the journalist, historian, philosopher Dr. Zedenek Boucek. And his bravery.

When the idea was born to produce a first border crossing radio-programme about the fate of 3,5 Million so-called “Sudetendeutsche”, German-Czech relations were at the freezing point. The deportation of the German speaking minority in 1945/46 was neither mentioned in Czech school books nor discussed publicly. Zdenek succeeded in broadcasting our programme three or four times, and it won the Prix Futura 1995 (Czech version). The first transmission in his country was followed by heavy protest and anonymous threats on his private phone. Zdenek’s reaction was to organize a four hour live show, centred on our joint documentary project, from Sumperk (former Maehrisch Schoenberg), Northern Moravia. We gathered in the local “culture house”, our friend being the master of ceremonies and discussion leader. With us were locals (brave people like the tenants of the house where I was born) and severe opponents of any reconciliation between Germany and the Czech Republic. And with sovereign calmness and competence Zdenek steered the discussion through the labyrinth of arguments and prejudices.

A bunch of Czech and German and Czech-German people spent the following hours sitting together in the back-yard of an old Sumperk house under a summerly sky and sang folk songs in both languages, Zedenk playing the guitar and me the violin, chasing away cats and night birds by our multicultural noise. Since that Moravian night the word “co-production” has got a deep, brotherly, heart-warming undercurrent.

Let’s stay tuned, old pal !

WillemD‘ left this comment on 31 Jan 06
dear Zdenek, dear friend, dear artist, now without you! RIP
A visitor‘ left this comment on 31 Jan 06
I’m very sad to hear about Zdenek. I’ve so much enjoyed his presence at the feature conference over the years.
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