2005 – IFC Projectgroup Presentation-7 (8) @ Ljubo Pauzin

From now on each week, one the eight new chosen members ofthe EBU Radio Features Project Group will introduce him/herself, so that you all know – more or less – who you are – professionally – dealing with.. Ljubo Pauzin (Croatia) ‘… I wi

From now on each week, one the eight new chosen members ofthe EBU Radio Features Project Group will introduce him/herself,
so that you all know – more or less – who you are – professionally – dealing with..

Ljubo Pauzin (Croatia)

The name is Pauzin, Ljubo Pauzin (the pronunciation is something like l j u ‘b o
p au z i: n).
I make features.

I said that at the assembly of participants at my first IFC, in London, in 1995. exactly 20 years after I first came to work for Radio Zagreb, main radio station in Croatia, as a freelancer. So, my participating to IFC was twenty years too late.

IFC in London was the only one without Leo Braun in person (but his spirit, of course, was present) as it was the first one with the EBU Radio-documentaries Project Group in charge.
Twenty years earlier at my home radio station no one would approach us youngsters and tell us what the radio was about.

I have discovered that by myself. So, I am a self-taught. The big part of my work today is to try to differ and to be at hand to younger colleagues. I have had a friend back then, Sandor Horvath (who unfortunately is not working with the radio anymore) who has had similar interest and ideas, so we founded a sort of Croatian Feature Conference consisted of two members and were discussing the idea and essence of radio-making all the time. And we were producing features. Without knowing the term. But we have realized that the basic pen for radio writing was the microphone. And then we have discovered the productions of Zvonko Bajsic, the father of Croatian feature, which have had become our inspiration and ideal.
And still are.

Two years before the IFC in London I have been invited by the Drama Department of Croatian Radio to take the responsibility for the features and I am in charge of those ever since. We didn’t have the regular yearly feature production in those times. I am proud to say that we do have it now, but are still hoping for the department of our own as we did from the very start. For the benefit of radio. As we still believe the features are the way out of a dead end street the nowadays radio is stuck in.

In the year 2000. Croatian radio was the host of the International Feature Conference with a great impact of a group of young Croatian radio feature-lovers then existing, but now dispersed on the roads of making a living. Some of them are still active and producing.

I am also a part of a great small international radio festival “Prix Marulic” that we are organizing every year in May at the island of Hvar which also includes the documentary category. Those who had participated in previous 9 years share with us the enchantment of this unique Croatian island and know that with the festival we are trying to create the address, the meeting point for the creators of creative radio. They have become our supporters and keep coming back whenever they can. This is the great opportunity to ask you all to try the very best you can to come to the next, jubilee edition of the festival, in the May 2006. Visit our web site and learn more about the “Prix Marulic”.

Once when one discovers the art of features one fells in love with that line of radio work.
In my case the heart is still burning like the first day.

Published: 11 Jul 2005 Tags: ifc+story+1974-2054


A visitor‘ left this comment on 24 Feb 06
Bok Ljubo,najs najspusa

A visitor‘ left this comment on 13 Sep 05
Dear Brigitte, you are right, of course, Zagreb IfC was in 2002 (which fact now I have checked at IFC blog site), but when I was writting this confessional little piece it seemed so long ago that, obviously, I’ve made a mistake, maybe because I also have IfC in Berlin in the year 2000 in a special sentimental memory. Hope to see you soon in Berlin at Prix Europa 2005 and thanks again. love from zagreb, ljubo
A visitor‘ left this comment on 26 Aug 05
Hi Ljubo, I read your presentation and want to remined you, that the IFC 2000 was organized by Cesky Radio and DeutschlandRadio Berlin. Do you remember the loud brass band last day?So in Zagreb, fortunatly I could participate the conference, the IFC was in – I guess – 2002 or 2001, but sure not 2000.But whenever it was nice in Zagred and you, Lju-bo, a good host.


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