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IFC Projectgroup Presentation-1 (8) @ Vincent van Merwijk, chairman

From now on each week, one the eight new chosen members ofthe EBU Radio Features Project Group will introduce him/herself, so that you all know – more or less – who you are – professionally – dealing with.. Vincent van Merwijk (RVU, the Netherlan
From now on each week, one the eight new chosen members ofthe EBU Radio Features Project Group will introduce him/herself,
so that you all know – more or less – who you are – professionally – dealing with..
Vincent van Merwijk (RVU, the Netherlands, 1955), chairman

Some think I still am, but as I always say: I used to be a punk. Or to be more specific: the singer in a band. At that time, 28 years ago (1977) I was besides radio producer also an actor in a radio play: The Snacks (this was the band) and we planned to become world famous. At the end we were World famous in the Netherlands. The play was a mix of fiction (we were the fiction part) and facts (the ones we met in the world of music were real: musicians like John Cale, and famous producers, managers, people from Show biz etc.). I was also the one who made the recordings. We made an anarchistic radio program, ‘Gort en Watergruwel’, later ‘Rauhfaser’, for three hours, each week (our web-log master WILLEM DAVIDS was also one of the team), with punk and new wave music, lots of fiction, comics and sick jokes. It was a show that played with the medium. I was producer and director.

(the Rauhfaser team that time – when we were young -,
Willem 2nd left, Vincent 2nd right)

Since 1977 I have also worked as a documentary maker, mainly on documentaries about social issues. What I best remember is a series of 12 Documentaries about 12 months in the life of a person with AIDS. This was 1993. It was the story of a homosexual who lost the grip on his social life, who was more and more isolated. I was with him for a year
and reflected his life in the series. Another series for which I got the prize for the best radio program of the
year, the Silver Reiss Microphone 1996, was ‘Europe and the borders of Freedom’, ten documentaries about the way freedom in European countries is under pressure (50 years after the ending of World War II). After being a documentary maker I became editor-in-chief and program manager.

At this stage a lot of new producers came in, and we had the opportunity to experiments.
Willem Davids was one of the team, and we experimented for example with docu-raps and docu-shows (f.e. Rob Muntz, the Inburger King and Rob Muntz, adventurer

(in Surinam)

As member of staff there was also the opportunity developing the production of radio plays. Bert Kommerij is writing and directing them and we won the Prix Europa 2003 with his play ‘the Holland Family’
Now I am also member of management team of RVU, an educational broadcaster. I am head of radio department and head of a team of fifteen, working on a cross media series (Club of 100), on radio -tv -internet, in which members of the Club help each other in solving their problems. The members of ‘the club’ are people in the age from 1 – 100, each age represented by one person. They are connected to each other via videophone, our office is home base. It is broadcasted each week on tv and radio ( Besides that I’m working on a digital, educational theme channel. But every week I am also directing and editing a radio show with a Czech host, Martin Simek, who is well known because he’s clever, sharp, sensitive, tennis coach ánd a person who speaks lousy Dutch. He is representative of what has been called ‘erotic journalism’. This radio show is broadcasted every Saturday at midnight, for one hour.

And now, for a second term, I am also chairman of the international EBU Radio Features Project Group!
Thanks a lot for that.

Next week: Lorelei Harris (RTE, Ireland)

IFC Projectgroup Presentation

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A visitor‘ left this comment on 22 Mar 06
Dear Colin, we changed the whole project by now. The videophones are placed aat Libraries, where people cab connect to ‘headquarters. We’re planning to palce thee in thee larger cities. We changed the project into a kind of marketplace for good initiatives and we askee people to ask and offer ‘a helping hand’. Until now we have over 3000 active members. So we ask for active participation. This is all at the internet. The best stories are brought to TV. This is the medium that needs to enthousiast others. On radio we are the exchange point of emotions and stories (kind of talkshow). But: we’re still develloping. In future members must also ‘bring’ their stories via webcam, mobile or Ipodrecording… Lots to do. For videophones we used an US e-learning videophone system (quite expensive); but the complex system we don’t use anymore. we’re changing to ‘simple’. Regards, Vincent
A visitor‘ left this comment on 8 Jul 05
hi,just wondering how many videophones you currently use for the club 100 (100?)and do you plan to use more in the future ?

are they any good ? would appreciate your thoughts on them as i am currently working on a videophone paper as part of my college work. thanks for any help/advice.

cheers, colin (UK)



grt  Willem

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