Selected programs IFC 2001 Sydney


  • Une Famille à Mantes-la-Jolie Kaye Mortley Radio France
  • Expectations of the Older Generation Wen Qiuyang CNR
  • Von Trapped Natalie Kestecher ABC
  • Ana Grows Up by Karin Wells for CBC
  • Fledgling Driver’s Blues Alfred Koch for ORF
  • Signs of Life Rosie Bolton and Nicholas McInerney BBC
  • As Far as the Place Where Janosik… Radka Lokojova Czech Radio (AB)
  • New Urban Tales: Artificial Realities Camilla Maling RNZ
  • The Horses are Angels Mihaela Helmis RBC
  • Waar Mijn Navelstreng Begraven Ligt Vincent Van Merwijk RVU
  • Grandma Cho Goes to Bank Suh, Sung-Eun and Kim, Hyun-Soo MBC
  • Interland Machteld Libert and Willem Davids VRT
  • Someone Else is Me Harri Hühtamäki YLE
  • The Truth and Reconciliation Commission Ambjorn Johansson SR (AB)
  • Total Verrückt – Das Ramba Zamba Theater in Berlin Monika Jung ARD
  • Where’s Your Mamma Gone? Ronan Kelly RTE
  • How Quickly Your Heart Beats Gregor Farfinski PR
  • Counterpoint – Culture of Differences Tomislav Guscic for CR (AB)
  • Back in the Saddle Sherre DeLys for ABC
  • Rowing Body and Soul Ulla Kristensen and Kirsten Laumann DR
 2001, IFC Sydney

Ake Blomström Awards:

Tomislav Guscic, Croatia

Radka Lokajova, Czech Republic

Ambjörn Johansson, Sweden.


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