Save the Date – 41st International Features Conference, Lublin, 17-21 2015

1st info IFC Lublin 17-21 May 2015
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The next International Features Conference (IFC) will take place on 17-21 May 2015 in Lublin at the invitation of Polskie Radio Lublin (Poland).

Please find enclosed a letter (pdf) from Kasia Michalak, IFC Organizer and Lorelei Harris, Chair of the EURORADIO Features Group.

Practical details and useful deadlines will be communicated in the second half of January.
We look forward to seeing you in Lublin next year.


Gabriela Hermer -  Chairperson, 'Åke Blomström Award'

Gabriela Hermer -
(Chairperson, ‘Åke Blomström Award’)

Dear Colleagues,

The Åke Blomström Award is offering young and promising feature makers the chance to attend a special documentary training course and the 2015 International Feature Conference.

The winners will attend a two-day coaching session in documentary in Lublin on 15th and 16th of May 2015, immediately before the International Feature Conference (IFC) which will be held in the same location.

Each of the winners will be assigned a coach who will mentor them in documentary making throughout the year.
The coaches are award winning radio producers from all over Europe.
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Extra & Special: The “IFC Lublin” Facebook page

kasiaKasia Michalak (photo) -organizer of the upcoming 41st IFC, May 2015 in Lublin- presents a special IFC Lublin Facebook page.

Kasia: “On this page I would like to say more also about the city and it’s good to have as many places of promotion as possible”.

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PE 2014 – Winners RADIO- Doc, Drama and -Music +AUDIO


Radio Awards

Best European Radio Documentary

docWoman Found Dead by Lake Shore / Sweden

Submitting Organisation: Sveriges Radio – SR
Autor: Hugo Lavett
Director: Hugo Lavett
Sound: Jan Waldemark
Producer: Robert Barkman

From an outstanding selection of documentaries, the jury was gripped by a personal tragedy that unfolds like a story written by Franz Kafka. Propelled by a compelling narration that’s alive with delicately evoked images within an elegant and clear sound design, this anatomy of a suspected murder shares stylistic characteristics with a ‘Nordic noir’ thriller, including access to astounding police interrogation scenes. However, at no point does it lose its humanity or concern for the indelible stigma of suspicion.

(1’00” clip)

PI 2014 – Winners RADIO Prix Italia 2014




  • The Final Journey – Part 2 (SR, Sweden)


  • I want more (PR, Poland)

Special Mention

  • Colette’s Podcast (Arte Radio, France)




  • Following Redundancy (DR, Denmark)


  • Hostilities (Radio France, France)




  • Klockrent – A Very Large Concert (SR, Sweden)


  • Wagner’s Ring according to Kristian Leth (DR, Denmark)

more info (about ‘the happy producers’, etc.) soon

PI 2014 – Jury at work

Torino today (Jury Radio documentary)
pi2014More Prix Italia (20-25 september 2014)

PI 2014 – The Prix Italia 2014 Poster – Torino, 20-25 September

Manifesto2014ist70x100b.eps Head of Rai’s Production Centre in Naples Francesco Pinto explained:

“The idea at the heart of this poster is freedom.
Technology is in fact free to move about in space, to find its path, driven by the wind of change and innovation.
It “joyfully” moves between play and the boundless possibility offered by work, like balloons moving about in the sky, watched by someone who has intentionally let them go so as to seek out their own destiny”.


HearSay – International Audio Arts Festival – 21st-23rd November 2014 – Kilfinane, Ireland


ALL ABOUT – A free and unique festival of sound, story, sharing & surprises taking over the mountain village of Kilfinane, Ireland for three days & nights in November 2014 […]

Celebrating & Inspiring Creative Audio!

‘A warm thank you’, by: Kari Hesthamar (NRK)


“Lovely people.

I am writing to let you know that I am leaving NRK after 17 years in the company, 14 of them in the Radio Documentary department.

I have had a wonderful time and feel enormously privileged, but it was  time for me to make a new step – so simple and so complicated.
I will continue to tell stories, but on TV, and in a different company – TV2.
They have a small department that make very interesting things right now, and where there is a possibility to tell stories, much like I have done at the radio.

I just wanted to say a big thank you, for everything that I have learned from you, for the pieces that have inspired me, the discussions, the laughter and the hugs.
I will really miss being a part of these international meeting points.
But it is a small world, and hopefully our roads will cross again.

Kjetil Saugestad, whom you all know, has for the time being taken over as head of the radio feature department, and the vacant position will be announced within a couple of weeks.
Berit is there, Hege, Kjetil Hansen and Sindre as well – so I am certain that everything will be taken good care of.

Warm regards and all good things.