IFC 2014: The Social Side of Radio II

#ifc14 Twitter experts: Rhian Roberts, head of development of BBC 5 live and social media guru, and her team @radiodocs set sails for an expedition across the ever-changing sea of social media – in search of a new continent called Social Radio.

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IFC 2014: The Social Side of Radio I

Social night at the rotunda: The #ifc14 team at work.

Social media night at the rotunda: The #ifc14 team at work.

IFC 2014: A word from René Farabet

René Farabet

“Walter Benjamin said : “An artist makes a work (of art) ; a primative man simply quotes documents.
Do you agree ?
Is a documentary maker “primitive”?
I think not !

A documentary is not just a collection of documents.
Its function is not just to present facts and events … nor to reproduce the world around, like a “ready-made“.

It has no pedagogical function, is not a teaching aid. ..
In 1944 at the Rueil Palace cinema (near Paris) a group of school children (among them the future author Raymond Queneau) were always obliged to sit through a documentary (generally about sardine fishing or something of that ilk) before they got to see the real film.
Queneau’s conclusion: Les gosses, ça les emmerde, le docucu… et comment !  (Documentaries piss kids off.)

Making a documentary is an act of creation.
A documentary reflects, re-presents reality…
But, even more important : a documentary scans reality… questions reality… interrogates reality,..

One last quotation.
The french philosopher, Gilles Deleuze: “Art is not intended to inform… it is way of combatting death.”

A documentary is an opportunity for the author to stay alive… and for the listener to keep breathing.

Long life to you all “

‘RadioDoc Review’ (RDR) – by: Siobhan McHugh

Siobhan McHugh

“Fellow-Feature Makers and Audio Connoisseurs, please visit RadioDoc Review, a new open access online journal which offers in-depth critiques and expert analysis of excellent audio documentaries and features from around the world, chosen by our international editorial board, made up of eminent producers, scholars and broadcast industry folk.

Some reviewers and/or authors will be familiar to IFC members: Pejk Malinovski, Jens Jarisch, Sharon Davis, Alan Hall, Kari Hesthamar, Virginia Madsen, Sean Street, Michelle Rayner and more…

check us out at the link below and do join the conversation. http://ro.uow.edu.au/rdr/

Best wishes, “

Siobhan McHugh,
Founding Editor, RadioDoc Review, Australia
(and IFC presenter 2014 – I greatly enjoyed meeting kindred spirits old and new!)

‘Cultural Radio’ – by: Virginia Madsen

“The traditional cultural “rich mix” variety of public service broadcasting (PSB) dating from the 1930s and 40s, did not disappear with television or even with media convergence, and is certainly not dying as many commentators or even those within radio organisations might have expected as little as 15 years ago.

Uniquely in terms of the medium, this model of radio offers the curious listener (not defined as an elite) an entry point and a space for listening, exploration and participation within what we might still describe as the public sphere…”

Just published in ‘The Conversation‘ online.

Dr Virginia Madsen
Convenor (Radio)
Senior Lecturer Media, Music, International Communications
Dept. of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies
Faculty of Arts, Y3A, 191J
Macquarie University. NSW 2109

IFC 2014: Live blogging during conference was quite a success

First quick look at the webstats per day, during conference: (wow!)

Schermafbeelding 2014-05-26 om 11.13.57

This ‘IFC website’, May, 9-20

Average page visits per day during this 40th IFC week: [430 visits]
Top: Monday, May 12 [1060]

(2012, 2013- average page visits per day during IFC week: [91 visits]
(2012, 2013- average page visits per day during 12 months: [44 visits]

Also on Twitter (#ifc14) and on our Facebook page bit busy …

IFC Facebookpage

IFC Facebookpage – May, 10-19


DuringA NIGHT IN THE ROTUNDA, The Social Side of Radio with Rhian Roberts (UK) A real time social media experiment’, (May 12) we’ve set up a new Facebook page and new Twitter account, under the name RadioDocs
It is also nice(since May 12)
- Facebook page RadioDocs: now 276 new friends
- Twitter RadioDocs: now 93 new followers


KSP 2014: Invitation to submit works for the Karl Sczuka Prize 2014

The Karl Sczuka Prize for Works of Radio Art, established by the SWR in 1955, will be awarded this year for the 53rd time. The invitation to submit works is public and the award consists of a main prize, endowed with 12.500 euros, and a support grant of 5.000 euros. [...] They must submit their productions [...]  required documentation and entry form by 15 June 2014 (postmark).